The Versatile Uses of Bar Stools In Your Melbourne Home

October 8, 2021

Attractive and practical bar stools are available today in a wide array of designs and materials. Once used strictly as high seats at home and commercial bars and eating or serving counters, these stools are now used throughout the home as versatile items of furniture. Modern stool designs may be tall, medium or relatively short […]

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Reasons Why Interior Designers and Architects Choose Custom Made Furniture

September 29, 2021

Interior designers and architects select custom-made furniture to stay updated on current trends in room design and decor. The most popular furniture styles are constantly changing and evolving. If homeowners and business clients want the very latest in this season’s furnishings and accessories for their home and office interiors, designers and architects must be prepared […]

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Cotton and Linen Chairs and Sofas

September 13, 2021

Linen and cotton chairs and sofas in light pastels or dramatic dark hues enhance the rooms of your home with sustainable, relaxed elegance and beauty. Whether they are traditional classical or contemporary chic in style, these smoothly upholstered, luxurious home furnishings brighten and enliven or soften and subdue your room interiors, according to their colours […]

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Basic Care and Maintenance Guide for Steel Frame Furniture

August 22, 2021

Steel frame furniture is a stunning, streamlined addition to any den, home office, solarium or patio furnishings and decor. Yet if its surfaces dull or streak, they begin to look neglected and older. The majority of these attractive metallic furniture items are simple and easy to clean after taking the following necessary preliminary steps: • […]

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Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Leather Chairs and Sofas

August 6, 2021

Leather chairs and sofas bring beauty and warmth to any style of room decor. The soft sheen or gentle matte finish of the leather also lends a sense of natural luxury to your room interior. Whether your living room, den or entertainment area displays fashionable decor in modern minimalist, casual chic, country cottage or traditional […]

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