Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Wooden Furniture

September 14, 2020

Your custom wood furniture is an investment that should increase in value over time. Its appearance depends on how well you care for it. It is essential to follow some basic guidelines to ensure that you maximise your furniture‚Äôs lifetime of service. Characteristics of Natural Wood Every piece of wood is unique and the natural […]

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Sturdiest Furniture Leg Suggestions for Outdoor Use

August 28, 2020

Most furniture items that are used on the outdoor spaces can be a little different from the ones found on indoor spaces since there are a lot of elements that property owners should consider. The protection from the weather for outdoor furniture items can be limited as some outdoor spaces do not have enough shade. […]

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How Does Chrome Plating Benefit Furniture Legs

August 12, 2020

One thing that most homeowners can do if they want to increase the height of their furniture pieces is to install furniture legs below them. Elevating furniture pieces such as coffee tables and sofas is typically done to match a specific theme or style that is applied to a specific living space. Increasing their height […]

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Things to Remember When Choosing Wooden Outdoor Furniture

July 30, 2020

Outdoor living spaces are often constructed to maximise the available space beyond the main home property. Some examples of outdoor living spaces that one may construct include patios, grilling areas, dining areas, fireplace, and many more. All these spaces utilise different wonderful furniture pieces and fittings just to make them as lively as the ones […]

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Facelift Your Home with New Furniture Ideas (Sofa Lounges, Chairs and Tables)

July 14, 2020

Changing the way your home looks and feels can be a fun thing to do, especially if you have already made a layout and design in mind. Others, however, find it difficult to manage and even conceptualise the desired appearance of their homes. For some of them, the huge number of furniture items that they […]

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