Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Custom Made Timber Furniture

March 26, 2021

Building a home that you and your family can grow into and enjoy over time is a worthwhile, rewarding investment. Similarly, buying attractive and practical custom-made timber furniture for your home interiors is also a valuable investment. With all of the disposable products currently on the consumer market that you may use once or twice and then discard, having a home with natural wood furnishings for long-term use is refreshing.

Handcrafted furniture made of beautiful, lustrous natural timber lends soft, glowing hues to your living room, family room or bedroom decor. The natural warmth of the wood tones and the lovely grain of its surfaces bring the best qualities of scenic outdoor life indoors. By combining these natural wood tones with vibrant golden-yellow, rose-red, forest green and ocean blue colours in your room decor, you can brighten and enliven every corner of your home. 

Three Top Reasons for Investing In Custom Made Timber Furniture

There are many different reasons for choosing to invest in customised timber furniture for your home. Among these many important reasons, the top three most frequently expressed are the following:

1. Lasting Quality. The number one most compelling reason for selecting custom-made timber furnishings for your home is the long-lasting beauty and quality of natural wood. Sustainable wooden furniture also promotes quality in modern life since high on the worldwide list of major concerns today is the conservation of our natural resources. Especially when you buy recycled wooden furniture pieces or newer furniture made from repurposed wood, you are supporting and encouraging a better quality lifestyle.

Recycled and repurposed furniture is designed to wear well and last over time. It also usually includes natural fabrics and non-toxic padding, glues and other materials in its construction. Not only is it sturdy, but furniture made from natural timber is easy to repair if it should be damaged. By including natural wood furniture and accessories in the rooms of your home, you are celebrating the pure, basic qualities of nature. By embracing the healthy features and benefits of living each day surrounded by a nature-inspired environment, you are promoting the truest essence of fine quality. 

2. Unique Designs. Most natural timber furniture that consumers can buy or custom-order today is composed of recycled older pieces or made from repurposed wood. This enables you to furnish the rooms of your home with unique, customised furnishings that you will not find anywhere else. Especially when skilled furniture designers combine the best parts of several older items of furniture in a new design, you can enjoy the personalised beauty of a truly unique piece. By using parts of elegant sofas and settees, country-cottage style kitchen tables and farmhouse rocking chairs in newly made furniture designs, these modern artisans can create truly special home furnishings.

3. Green Products. Custom-made natural timber furniture is sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable as well as long-lasting. It will not clog future landfills. Besides, new customised pieces today will become tomorrow’s repurposed items and eco-friendly home furnishings. Today’s savvy timber furniture designers use green design and construction products and processes for making new furniture as well. They are helping greatly to decrease the carbon footprint of the furniture design and production industry.

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice, designs and finished natural timber furniture pieces. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal beautiful timber, designs and furnishings to fill your home with the ultimate long-lasting natural beauty and allure.