Furniture and Interior Design Tips to Bring Out the Scandinavian Style Look for Your Home

April 27, 2022

Scandinavian style and interior design have a sleek, slender, lightweight quality and ambience. Whether your furniture pieces in this style mode are all wood or timber and metal combined, they will give your entire room a lighter, more open look and atmosphere. There is a simple beauty and optimism that is reflected in this modern furniture that is pleasing and useful to consumers today.

Scandinavian Style as Reflected in Furniture Leg Fashions and Finishes

The simplistic beauty of Scandinavian style as reflected in furniture leg fashions and materials can be recognized and appreciated in these ways:

• Cone Legs. Wooden cone legs for sofas and coffee tables complement and enhance the basic design and proportions of Scandinavian-style furniture. These graceful, lightly polished legs, often made of Victorian Ash, pine or oak wood, lend simple elegance to the slender, smooth lines of Scandinavian sofa and coffee table designs.

• Retro Brass Toe Legs.
These vintage furniture legs can also enhance the style and character of older items of Scandinavian furniture. Credenzas, chests and some low side tables are ideal items to match with these handsome wooden legs with their shiny brass toes.

• Genie Bottle Legs.
Simply carved genie bottle legs can add style and character to a beautiful Scandinavian couch, easy chair or ottoman. The rounded, pleasing lines of these legs are simply designed, yet capable of lending a definite touch of elegance to an older or slightly worn item of furniture.

• Custom-Made Legs. Stylish legs is varied fashionable shapes and sizes with carved decorative effects that can dress up a simple piece of Scandinavian furniture. A writing desk with simple lines or an entertainment console unit in lustrous, lightly polished timber can be embellished and vitalised by the addition of these customised carved wooden legs.

• Fatboy Legs. Although they are in contrast with the slender lines of most Scandinavian furniture designs, these legs can ground a lightweight carved wooden chair or corner table. The carved decorative effects of the legs is simple, yet it lends a touch of light ornate beauty and allure to simple furniture styles.

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