Tips and Tricks on How to Mix and Match Your Dining Chairs

February 10, 2022

Dining chairs are available in myriad styles, materials, sizes and shapes today. You can either select chairs of an identical design to complete your dining room ensemble, or you can mix and match chairs for an innovative design effect.

Some consumers choose chairs of multiple fashion modes in stunning natural timber with attractive upholstered seats. Others prefer chair designs composed of handsome wrought-iron or colourful enamel-painted aluminium. Durable veneers and plastic materials in creative chair styles are also in popular use today.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Mixing and Matching Your Dining Chairs

Some unique and creative tips and tricks from design experts for successfully mixing and matching your dining chairs include the following:

• Choose Multiple Styles in the Same Wood. By selecting a combination of design modes that are made of the same lustrous timber, you can create an attractive and compelling dining room setting. You may mix a pair of Victorian Ash traditional Queen Anne chairs displaying tall hand-carved backs and cushioned satin seats with sleek, simple contemporary-chic chair designs.

These slender chairs showcasing the latest designs in Victorian Ash may feature smooth leather seats and slim rail backs padded with back pillows of gorgeous silk batiks.

• Select Multiple Materials in the Same Style. When you select dining chairs of one stylistic mode that exhibit varied types of material, this can also produce a pleasing fashionable effect. You may decide on vintage 1960s-style chairs with rounded, semi-bucket seat designs and smooth, lightly-polished wooden spindle legs.

With their textured leather or faux-leather upholstery, these chairs can add natural allure to many different modes of room decor. Try grey leather chairs alternating with red suede ones for a colourful, inviting dining atmosphere. Any neutral shade combined with a bright, vibrant hue will create a pleasing, casual effect.

• Enliven Modern French Country with Antique Shabby Chic. If you select modern French-country dining chairs partnered with a pair of thickly cushioned armchairs at your table’s head and foot, your dining room will become a conversation piece.

The unusual combination of the straight-backed wooden French-country chairs painted in soft beige or cream tones and the ornate, richly upholstered antique shabby-chic designs (from which the French-country style actually originated) is both surprising and delightful. The enriched, luxurious colours and textures of the large, well-padded antique chairs lend a fascinating quality of extravagant luxury to your dining experience.

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