Why Furniture Legs are An Essential Part of Furniture Design?

May 10, 2022

In the 1950s, buying furniture that all matched was the ideal solution. People had lived through difficult times, so the 50s was a new era, and you had money if you could buy a room full of matched furniture. But that was then, and now things are different. Opinions on decorating and furniture design have changed, and what once was thought fashionable can be a bit boring and unimaginative. So, most homeowners look for innovative, exciting pieces to renovate and blend in with other pieces they already have. So whether you are designing a new furniture piece or renovating a vintage piece, you need to pay special attention to the furniture legs.

You’d be surprised at how much your legs say about your style. From sleek and minimalist to retro and modern, classic and feminine, furniture legs have a lot to say. The style of your furniture legs plays a considerable role in blending the different furniture pieces into a stylish whole within a room. So, you need to know your legs a little better, and this quick guide can tell you a little more.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne or Cabriole style legs are rounded, curvy, and have a feminine upturned foot. On furniture of the French Rococo, Louis VX, these were the legs that worked best. Cabriole legs have a very feminine feel and style to them. These legs are very sophisticated and pair well with traditional, country, shabby chic, or romantic styles.


This style has an antique design look but is still very popular. The look of this leg is more masculine, and it may be ideal for a heavier piece. However, it is characterized by its straight, slim and square shape. This leg type can work well in small spaces, especially when balancing out the look of heavier antique pieces.


The tapered leg is the style of mid-century furniture. It has a very modern retro feel, and people who like modern, sleek lines often choose this leg style. This tapered style works best with a clean-lined and straightforward piece.


The turned leg has a wide range of styles. It is a design used across different design centuries. But what these legs have in common is a beautiful, highly decorative look. Sometimes turned legs can be too much, so you want to limit their use to just one or two pieces.


The straight leg is square and simple. Straight legs are the most common type of modern furniture leg and are the type often seen in furniture stores. It is a Parson’s style of leg and is commonly used on store-bought furniture. It is especially popular for pieces such as dining chairs and sofas.