Five Ways to Make Your Old Home Furniture Look Classy

March 28, 2022

You may have some antique furniture pieces that once belonged to your grandparents or other relatives that now have rough surfaces. Perhaps you bought a vintage sofa or lounge chairs at a local garage sale or auction that now have damaged legs. Maybe the original dining room furniture that you bought when you first moved into your home is now showing signs of wear and tear. In all of these instances, your furniture obviously could use an update.

By choosing to refurbish your older home furnishings rather than discarding them and buying new pieces, you are aiding the national and worldwide efforts to save natural resources. You are also making a cost-effective decision that will enable you to put more money into other home improvement projects.

Five Ways to Refurbish Your Old Home Furniture and Make It Look Classy

Five major ways to refurbish and revitalize your older home furniture and give it a classy appearance include the following:

1. Repair or Replace Sofa or Chair Frames.
If the wooden or metal frames of your older sofa or lounge chairs are seriously scarred, corroded or sagging, your furniture repair expert can most likely refurbish them. Aluminium or iron frames that have corroded or rusted can be scraped or filed and polished for continued use.

If your furniture frames are wooden, scratches and scars can be sanded away. Afterwards, these surfaces can be refinished and polished or waxed to restore their original beauty and usefulness. Your furniture repair expert most likely has woodworking experience, or if not, they can work with a handcrafting professional to restore any stylish woodcarving and decorative effects.

2. Refinish Wooden Furniture. Damaged surfaces of wooden tables, chairs and chests can be repaired by sanding and refinishing or painting them. Worn or missing hand-carved embellishments can often be replaced, and warped or split sections can be repaired with filler or replaced. Many antique or vintage pieces will look quite attractive if they are painted antique white or given a distressed white finish.

3. Replace or Add Credenza and Bureau Legs.
Worn or damaged bureau or credenza legs can be replaced to give these furniture pieces a renewed, attractive look. If you like, you can order modern or vintage-style wooden or metal leg designs that complement the style of your furniture. Although this fact is often overlooked, the legs of your home furnishings are noticeable and should be kept in excellent condition.

4. Select In-Stock or Customised New Furniture Legs.
You can either replace or add beautifully designed new legs to any item of old furniture. A wide variety of furniture legs is currently available. You may choose smooth, stylish pyramid bed legs with semi-gloss or matte painted surfaces. Fashionable wooden cone legs can greatly enhance the appearance of your coffee table or bedside nightstand.

Expertly carved wooden bun feet can upgrade the quality of your retro couch. If you have a room with early minimalist or industrial-style furniture, you may want sleek, sturdy alloy legs to complement the overall cool character of the interior decor.

5. Paint or Replace Bed Headboards and Footboards. Wooden, metal or fabricated headboards and footboards for beds can be resurfaced, polished or painted. This can give your room decor a fresh, new appearance while making your beds look brand new.

Older-style beds often have taller heads and footboards than some contemporary designs. For older styles, only by keeping these two major parts of each bed frame in excellent condition can you maintain the stylish appearance of your bedrooms.

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain top-rated advice, designs and services for refurbishing your older furniture pieces.

Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal methods and styles for adding, repairing or replacing damaged furniture legs, other parts and surfaces. They will ensure that your older furnishings are restored and in superb condition to greatly enhance your overall home design and decor.