How to Match Your Furniture Leg Style with Your Interior Design

April 10, 2022

When selecting interior design and decor for a living room, den or solarium, some homeowners or renters forget the importance of furniture leg styles. Combining different stylistic modes and designs in legs as you choose your furnishings can create a very fashionable and pleasing room. Yet it is essential to select the best furniture leg styles to align with and complement your overall interior decor.

There are three main features concerning furniture leg styles that must be considered to create a pleasing and successful furniture plan: the leg height, the leg shape and the leg material. With the right pairing of leg and furniture designs, you can achieve a cohesive, unique and stunning room interior.

Major Tips for Matching Your Furniture Leg Style with Your Interior Design

Essential advice and tips for successfully matching your furniture leg style with your interior design include the following:

• Leg Height. When you furnish your room with sofas, chairs, credenzas and tables that have different leg heights, you can create a visually pleasing and comfortable interior. For example, try combining a solid-base coffee table with a pair of chairs that are supported by legs measuring approximately six inches in height.

Then add a couple of side tables with much taller legs that are about 15 to 20 inches high. You may want to add a stylish credenza with four-inch turned legs and another chair with open base tapered legs measuring around eight inches in height.

• Leg Shape. The shape of the legs of your furniture should be varied to create a stylish yet unique room interior. By combining straight, turned, tapered, cabriole and other leg shapes, you can produce a customised fashion statement for your living room, family room, den, home office or solarium.

Even if most of the furniture in your room has straight or tapered legs, try mixing in a few other leg designs to add a pleasing custom touch.

• Leg Material. Your room’s interior design and decor should display a variety of materials and finishes. To fully complement and enhance the overall look and ambience of this space, try selecting furniture legs of the same or similar materials and finishes that other items display.

If there are elements of antique brass, polished Jarrah wood or a semi-gloss black lacquer finish in this interior, select some legs that are made of the same material or exhibit the same finish. By following this advice, you can produce a room with qualities of a major designer’s touch.

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can gain top-quality advice concerning matching your furniture leg style with your interior design. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal leg heights, shapes and materials to greatly enhance your room interior.

Our team will assist you in choosing varied furniture legs that will align with other items of decor in your room. They will ensure that, with the addition of these new furniture legs, the overall design of your room will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.