Why Furniture Legs are An Essential Part of Furniture Design?

May 10, 2022

In the 1950s, buying furniture that all matched was the ideal solution. People had lived through difficult times, so the 50s was a new era, and you had money if you could buy a room full of matched furniture. But that was then, and now things are different. Opinions on decorating and furniture design have […]

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Furniture and Interior Design Tips to Bring Out the Scandinavian Style Look for Your Home

April 27, 2022

Scandinavian style and interior design have a sleek, slender, lightweight quality and ambience. Whether your furniture pieces in this style mode are all wood or timber and metal combined, they will give your entire room a lighter, more open look and atmosphere. There is a simple beauty and optimism that is reflected in this modern […]

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How to Match Your Furniture Leg Style with Your Interior Design

April 10, 2022

When selecting interior design and decor for a living room, den or solarium, some homeowners or renters forget the importance of furniture leg styles. Combining different stylistic modes and designs in legs as you choose your furnishings can create a very fashionable and pleasing room. Yet it is essential to select the best furniture leg […]

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Five Ways to Make Your Old Home Furniture Look Classy

March 28, 2022

You may have some antique furniture pieces that once belonged to your grandparents or other relatives that now have rough surfaces. Perhaps you bought a vintage sofa or lounge chairs at a local garage sale or auction that now have damaged legs. Maybe the original dining room furniture that you bought when you first moved […]

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The Functional and Aesthetic Appeal of Sofa Lounges

March 8, 2022

Stylish sofa lounges offer a pleasing combination of functional and aesthetic appeal. When you select an elegant or casual sofa lounge for comfortable, relaxed seating in your living room, family room or den, you will enhance the overall room decor. You will also be making a stylistic statement, revealing your preference for highly attractive and […]

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