Rustic Industrial Style Steel Framework for Furniture: What are the Advantages?

April 12, 2021

When you purchase a couch, easy chair, credenza or bed that is supported by a rustic steel framework, you are getting a sturdy item of furniture. Many shoppers buy furniture of various types with elegant classic, casual chic or modern minimalist designs, not realising at the time that this item has a strong steel frame. 

You may enter a room in an office, hotel or home and admire a piece of fashionable furniture upholstered in elegant silk, velvet, suede or other fabric. Upon examining the item of stylish furniture further, you suddenly realise that it is based on a strong industrial style steel framework. 

Even vintage pieces like Victorian sofas or retro shabby chic settees may be supported by these rugged steel frames. This is a sign that the item of furniture has been refurbished for modern-day use. At first, this remarkable difference in style between the furniture piece and its framework may seem unnatural and annoying. Yet when you think in practical terms, this durable frame will enable you or the owner of the item to enjoy using it now and in the future as well.

Advantages of Rustic Industrial Style Steel Framework for Furniture

There are multiple advantages to using rustic industrial design steel framework for furniture today, whether the furniture is vintage or new. These advantages include the following:

 • Maintaining Furniture Shape. An item of furniture that is supported by a strong industrial steel framework is much more likely to retain its original shape than pieces without these frames. Especially since sofas and easy chairs tend to sag as they age, having a steel frame base can be a real advantage for preserving the original form and style of these items. 

 • Preserving Beautiful Upholstery. When the form of a sofa or lounge chair is supported by a rugged steel frame, sagging is prevented, which also helps preserve fine upholstery fabric. If the shape of the furniture piece sags, the fabric is likely to split or shred, making it necessary to reupholster the piece. 

 • Maintaining the Furniture’s Original Comfort. By supporting an item of furniture with an industrial steel style frame, you can ensure that its original levels of comfort for users will be maintained. Since everyone looks for furniture that is attractive and comfortable for sitting, the sturdy framework is an important design component. 

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can receive excellent advice, designs and furniture with a durable and supportive steel framework. Our professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal sturdy furniture designs to enhance your home or office interiors for long-term use and enjoyment.