Sofa Legs: How to Choose the Right Style for Your Custom-made Living Room Sofa

May 12, 2021

An important design element of your custom-made living room sofa is the style of the sofa legs. The leg designs of sofas are more noticeable than many people realise. Whether you are ordering a custom sofa design for your home living room or as an essential item for the reception area in your new business office, leg style and craftsmanship are important. 

For example, if you select leg designs and materials that do not enhance, complement or align with the overall style of your customised sofa, this furnishing will not display a cohesive, pleasing visual effect. It cannot provide the full beauty and allure of its unique design with legs that are not stylistically compatible. When shopping for ideal legs for your custom-made sofa, consult a quality furniture designer before making your decision. 

How to Choose the Perfect Legs Design for Your New Custom-Made Sofa

Some valuable advice from furniture designers concerning selecting the ideal legs design for your custom-made sofa include the following:

1. Sleek Cone Legs for Sofas. If your new living room customised sofa is a modern minimalist design, sleek and slender cone legs are an ideal choice for completing its style. These simplistic and attractive legs will emphasize the streamlined shape and fashion of your sofa without detracting attention from its smooth, chic lines. 

2. Retro Brass Toe Legs. These basic or industrial style legs have a smooth brass cap or toe at the bottom. They are a good choice for living rooms in households with young children and pets. For your retro mid-century or 1950s style nubby-weave fabric or textured leather upholstered sofa, these smooth, durable and understated sofa legs will maintain their appearance, even with heavy daily use. 

3. Fatboy Legs. These handcrafted natural-wood legs are quite attractive on sofas with a hand-carved wooden arm and frame decoration. Although these wood designs are typically smooth and rounded simple shapes, they can be customised to suit contemporary sofa designs as well as vintage styles. They offer a modern touch of ornate fashion while providing steady, strong support for your sofa. 

4. Genie Bottle Legs. These distinctive woodcraft legs and other similar custom-designed legs in wood can be an ideal complement for a traditional style sofa with velvet or satin brocade upholstery. Especially when these decorative legs are lightly polished or given a dark stain or finish, they lend an elegant accent to your fashionable sofa. These legs can also enhance a sophisticated contemporary sofa design with long, slender lines and faux leather upholstery with a rich matte surface. 

By consulting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can receive excellent advice and designs in attractive, functional and durable sofa legs for your new custom-made living room sofa. Our fine specialists will ensure that you select the perfect legs design to complement and enhance the overall style of your stunning and unique new sofa design. 

Regardless of your new sofa’s style and the materials and fashion of craftsmanship that it displays, our experienced professional team will provide you with the ultimate sofa legs design to accent all aspects of your new sofa’s beauty and allure.