Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Cotton and Linen Chairs and Sofas

September 13, 2021

Linen and cotton chairs and sofas in light pastels or dramatic dark hues enhance the rooms of your home with sustainable, relaxed elegance and beauty. Whether they are traditional classical or contemporary chic in style, these smoothly upholstered, luxurious home furnishings brighten and enliven or soften and subdue your room interiors, according to their colours and fashion mode.

Both natural linen and cotton upholstered sofas and chairs have a pleasing texture and soft yet tailored appearance. They truly lend warm character or cool charm to your living room, den, solarium or home office. Many homeowners and apartment dwellers wonder about the ideal methods for caring for a fabric sofa. Both linen and cotton wear well if cleaned and maintained with care.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Cotton and Linen Chairs and Sofas with Ease

You can clean and maintain your cotton and linen chairs and sofas with ease and simplicity by following these helpful tips from the experts:

• Vacuum Your Chairs and Sofa Often.
When you vacuum your cotton and linen chairs and sofa on a regular schedule, they maintain their soft yet crisp appearance and comfort. By doing so, you can prevent food crumbs, dust and debris from becoming embedded in the fabric weave. Take time to lift the seat cushions and all decorative pillows to vacuum underneath.

If you have pets in your household, brush the furniture surfaces lightly with a furniture or clothing brush to eliminate pet hair and surface dirt accumulations on your beautiful fabric chair and couch upholstery.

• Refrain From Rubbing Stains or Spills. Avoid beverage and food spills that may leave dark stains on the surfaces of your cotton or linen chairs or sofa. If your stylish cotton and linen furniture does collect some stains over time, try sponging away the stains with a damp cloth. Take care when sponging dark linen fabric since even spot cleaning with water may also remove a mall amount of surface dye leaving a slightly lighter patch of material.

To remove more serious stains from your linen upholstery, use a mild detergent, but only sponge it over the surface of the fabric. Never scrub the stain or rub areas of the fabric together when attempting to remove a stain. You should get the best results by lifting the stains from the fabric using the soft side of a sponge or a piece of soft flannel cloth when applying the mild detergent.

Then dab clear water on the stain as it fades. If the stain is still visible after the fabric dries, repeat this same process again. It is advisable to dry clean linen upholstery fabric, although some brands can be safely machine washed using very mild detergent and a gentle, warm-water cycle.

• Shield Your Cotton and Linen Furniture from Direct Sunlight. Be sure to place your cotton and linen chairs and sofa away from exposure to direct sunlight. Linen is especially susceptible to sun damage and streaking or fading. If you want to place these furnishings in your solarium or on your glass-walled sun porch, place them near windows with sturdy blinds, opaque curtains or drapery to ensure that they will be well-protected from bright sunlight.

When you contact our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive valuable information concerning professional tips for cleaning and maintaining cotton and linen chairs and sofas.

Our highly experienced team will guide you in selecting the ideal methods and techniques for cleaning and caring for your beautiful fabric-covered furnishings. They will ensure that you understand the best-recommended practices for keeping your furniture in top-quality condition for many future years of comfort and enjoyment.