Reasons Why Interior Designers and Architects Choose Custom Made Furniture

September 29, 2021

Interior designers and architects select custom-made furniture to stay updated on current trends in room design and decor. The most popular furniture styles are constantly changing and evolving. If homeowners and business clients want the very latest in this season’s furnishings and accessories for their home and office interiors, designers and architects must be prepared to deliver them.

Some clients may request vintage or antique items to give their rooms a unique look and ambience. For these special items, interior designers can rely on custom furniture manufacturers or craftsmen. Other customers may want a room designed with vintage wainscoting or gold-leaf gilding as embellishments for an elegant interior space.

Why Architects and Interior Designers Select Custom-Made Furniture

Many architects and interior designers choose customised furniture for their clients’ home or company office interiors for the following reasons:

• Versatile Home Offices. Since telecommuting is a common way of working throughout the world today, versatile office design and decor is essential. Architects and interior designers must be prepared to satisfy client requests for room interiors that easily accommodate multitasking.

These clients who work from their homes need office spaces and furniture that offer a professional and functional interior for working during the day. They also need their offices to double as family lounges or study rooms for children and teens after office hours.

• Multi-Functional, Space-Saving Furniture. Many people have downsized in terms of their living and working spaces over the last few years. While some homeowners have moved their households to smaller homes or rented apartments, business owners have opted for less office space or shared business units. With more employees working virtually from their homes, less space is needed in the workplace.

However, in these downsized offices and many home offices, there is a basic need for multi-functional furniture that is compact. These multi-purpose furnishings save space while serving as office desks and study tables with cabinets, shelves and cupboards below. This space is essential for storing office supplies, laptops and audio-visual equipment or school books, backpacks, tablets, smartphones, headphones and notepads. Furniture designs with fold-down desks and countertops or overhead modular shelving and cubbies are a great help for saving valuable and limited space.

• Green Furniture Design. The desire for eco-friendly furniture is a growing trend today. Customised furniture that is created from sustainable materials using environmentally-friendly production processes is in high demand. Stylish handcrafted furnishings are also quite popular currently in both home and business settings.

Repurposed furnishings or furniture parts are also popular for use in producing custom-made items. When wood and hardware from older pieces of furniture or shelving and doors or window frames are used to make new furniture designs, fewer trees are harvested to create new furnishings. Items made from repurposed materials are also less costly than newly manufactured ones for home and business owners to purchase.

When you consult our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Melbourne and providing services to all surrounding areas, you will obtain excellent advice, designs and furniture pieces for your home or office interiors. Our highly experienced and skilled team will ensure that your new customised and versatile furnishings will greatly enhance your home office or business setting while lasting for long-term enjoyment and multi-functional use.