Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Leather Chairs and Sofas

August 6, 2021

Leather chairs and sofas bring beauty and warmth to any style of room decor. The soft sheen or gentle matte finish of the leather also lends a sense of natural luxury to your room interior. Whether your living room, den or entertainment area displays fashionable decor in modern minimalist, casual chic, country cottage or traditional classic style, sleek and stunning leather upholstered furniture will add dynamic elegance and charm.

If you have just bought a stylish leather couch with matching easy chairs, you may be searching for the best methods of cleaning and maintaining their beautiful surface lustre. You have most likely heard or read about the longevity of quality leather furnishings.

You understand that furniture and decor made of fine natural leather can last for many years. You also know that top-grade leather can retain its fresh, new look with very little care. Yet you are unsure about selecting the ideal method for cleaning and maintaining leather.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Leather Chairs and Sofas

Some useful tips for easy cleaning and maintenance of your fashionable leather chairs and sofa include the following:

• Gentle, Light Cleaning. To give your fashionable leather sofa and chairs a gentle, light cleaning, wipe the leather surfaces with a soft towel to remove any loose debris or dust. If any areas look slightly dull, buff them lightly with the towel.

• Spot and Stain Removal. The type of leather that your furnishings are made of determines the spot and stain cleaning method that you should use for them. If you are not able to locate the product composition label on your leather sofa and chairs, you may check the manufacturer’s website for this information.

Semi-aniline and pigmented (finished) leather upholstered furniture can withstand more in-depth cleaning than aniline leather because it does not include a top layer as protection. While unprotected leather has a softer look and seems easier to mark, protected leather is typically stiff with greater durability.

Regardless of the type of leather that your furniture is composed of, refrain from using leather cleaning agents that contain ammonia or alkalies. Simple supplies that you need to clean away spots and stains from leather include distilled water, a mild, non-detergent brand of soap, several soft white microfiber cloths and a quality leather cleaner.

• Wine and Ink Stains. To clean ink stains from leather, first, dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Gently dab the stain until it disappears. Then dab the same areas with a damp cloth. Afterwards, dry the leather with a clean, dry cloth. For very tough stains, you may need to gently apply a small amount of leather cleaning solution with a clean cloth.

• Oil-Based Stains. Dab the stain with a white microfiber cloth that is dry. Refrain from using water. For removing stubborn stains, sprinkle baking soda on the spot and let it sit for several hours. Then wipe away the baking soda, and the stain should be gone.

Cleaning Pure Aniline Leather Furniture

Using a clean white cloth of microfiber, absorb the spill or stain. If the spot does not fade and disappear, you may need to use a high-grade leather cleaner.

Cleaning Protected Leather (Both Semi-Aniline and Pigmented)

Dampen a clean white microfiber cloth with distilled water and dab the spot or soiled area. After the spot air-dries, check to see if it has vanished. If the spot is still visible, mix a mild, non-detergent soap with medium-warm water. Then dip the cloth in this mixture and dab the spot again, blotting it with another cloth until dry.

Alleviating Small Scratches and Scuff Marks

To rid your beautiful leather sofa and chairs of these blemishes, rub your finger over them smoothly. The leather’s natural oils will then work to fade away the scratches and scuffs. If there are still slight traces of the blemishes remaining, use a clean cloth to apply leather oil or conditioner and buff the leather surfaces evenly.

When you contact our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises providing customised furniture to all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice for cleaning and maintaining your stunning leather sofa and chairs. Our experienced team will ensure that you use the ideal recommended products and methods to remove dust, debris and stains from your beautiful leather furnishings. They will guide you in preserving the pure, natural lustre and colour of your fine leather surfaces for many future years.