Basic Care and Maintenance Guide for Steel Frame Furniture

August 22, 2021

Steel frame furniture is a stunning, streamlined addition to any den, home office, solarium or patio furnishings and decor. Yet if its surfaces dull or streak, they begin to look neglected and older. The majority of these attractive metallic furniture items are simple and easy to clean after taking the following necessary preliminary steps:

• Remove upholstered cushions or decorative accent pillows;

• Spray or wipe the steel frames with water to remove dirt, dust and debris;

• Clean the steel surfaces with a soft cloth pre-soaked in soapy water;

• Wipe the soapy water away with a clean damp cloth;

• Dry the surfaces using a microfiber or low-abrasion cloth;

• Refrain from cleaning with a solvent, acidic or alcohol-based cleansing agent; and

• Do not use abrasive pads or brushes that may scar, scratch or dull the surfaces of your steel frame furniture.

Essential Care and Maintenance for Steel Frame Furniture

Important tips for basic care and maintenance of your steel frame furniture include the following:

Stainless Steel

Your family room, game room, solarium or outdoor terrace acquire a sophisticated, upscale appearance when furnished with a handsome hairline brushed frames of stainless steel. Yet even small spots or stains show up easily on these sleek steel surfaces. Fingerprints and after-rain streaks and smudges leave your furniture looking neglected and spotty.

Although furniture that contains 316 marine grade stainless steel does not rust, lower grades like 304 can rust since they are not electrostatically polished. This is especially true for homeowners who live in salt-air regions.

However, these problems can be resolved simply and easily by using the following methods:

• Stubborn Fingerprints and Smudges. Using a smooth damp cloth, apply white vinegar to the affected area and rub. Then rinse the area clean with clear water and dry with a fresh, soft cloth.

• Water Marks. Clean gently with water and light vinegar if necessary. Then wipe away water and dampness from the steel surface and polish lightly.

• Rust and Corrosion. Scrub the steel surface lightly with a paste consisting of baking powder and water. You may need to use a brush with soft bristles. Then rinse the surface with fresh, clear water.

You can also remove calcium or lime deposits from steel surfaces in the following way:

1. Combine distilled white vinegar with water. Your mixture should be 25 percent vinegar for stainless steel frame furniture and 50 percent for galvanised steel surfaces.

2. Apply the natural cleaning solution to the metal surfaces using a spray bottle or by dampening a soft cloth with this mixture and rubbing the smooth steel evenly.

3. Wipe the cleansing solution away using a clean damp cloth and dry the surface, polishing it gently.

Galvanised Steel

This type of steel has a matte grey finish. Its outer layer of zinc oxide can prevent surface corrosion, but this layer can wear thin over time. However, by cleaning the steel surfaces regularly with hot water and mild dish detergent and a soft-bristled brush, you can inhibit this deterioration process. Afterwards, simply rinse the surface with clear water and dry it using a microfiber cloth.

Neutralising Process to Remove Alkaline Deposits from Galvanised Steel

If your galvanised steel frame furniture becomes dull with use because of an alkaline accumulation, there is a DIY resolution for this problem. These alkaline deposits should be removed since they can cause the protective zinc oxide layer to weaken, which can lead to corrosion.

You can restore the attractive matte finish of your galvanised steel frame furniture in the following way:

1. Make a mixture of 67 percent milk and 33 percent baby powder.

2. Using a toothbrush, gently apply this mixture to the galvanised steel surfaces.

3. Rinse well with clear water and gently rub the surfaces dry using a soft cloth.

By contacting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive top-quality advice and information concerning basic care and maintenance for your steel frame furniture. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your steel furnishings are restored to their original beauty and allure.