Quality Furniture Legs

December 9, 2013

Modern furniture varies in quality from practically disposable to heirloom class. The materials and care the furniture requires and its overall quality is pretty directly related to the materials used to build the piece. Below, we will look at the three most common materials for furniture legs and the care required to keep them looking […]

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Custom Furniture Legs

November 28, 2013

When people are looking for that perfect piece of furniture there is a mental checklist they compare items against while they shop. The material and color of any upholstery is sure to be at the top of such a mental list. Likewise, a certain type of wood is probably going to be sought to provide […]

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Revenge chairs

November 7, 2013

It is unsurprising that many people become so engrossed in television shows that they actually want to change their lives to reflect a connection with their favorite characters or shows. After all, in today’s world, many people refer to a TV as ‘the babysitter’. With people being exposed to television more and earlier than ever […]

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How to care for timber furniture

October 21, 2013

Timber has been the furniture building material of choice since the beginning of civilization. This is no surprise in that wood is durable, easily worked and outside a very few locales, readily available. Another aspect that makes it such an awesome furniture component is that barring fire, flood or runaway bulldozers, it is all but […]

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Benefits of choosing Australian made furniture

October 8, 2013

For anyone in or near Australia, there are several very real benefits to choosing Australian made furniture. Local Furniture Styles Furniture design is like engineering. It is an area that grows up around a certain set of challenges. In the case of furniture, those challenges are climate and the use to which the furniture will […]

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