Revenge chairs

November 7, 2013

It is unsurprising that many people become so engrossed in television shows that they actually want to change their lives to reflect a connection with their favorite characters or shows. After all, in today’s world, many people refer to a TV as ‘the babysitter’. With people being exposed to television more and earlier than ever before, it is only natural that the shows on that television have a more meaningful impact on them than ever before.

While this is perfectly understandable, what if the character you feel drawn to is someone that virtually no one on the planet can really emulate? For example, what if you feel drawn to Victoria Grayson from the show Revenge? Played by Madeline Stowe, Victoria is a compelling figure for many reasons. The idea of having the power, influence and wealth to live with no care for conventional morality or government law is an atavistic dream that appeals to many. How does an average person connect to such an extraordinary character in their real lives, though? Murder and extortion are hardly the activities that most people can even imagine engaging in, much less things we can get away with in the real world. Owning a 30 million dollar estate – again, not something to which most of us can realistically aspire.

The way people connect to such out-of-reach characters as Victoria is by finding some minor thing and building the connection around that. This has given rise to a hot trend in furniture – the revenge chair. Victoria’s favorite chair on Revenge is a distinctive piece of furniture for which many similar options exist. Those who have managed to get their hands on a revenge chair can sit in it and “be” Victoria, minus the murder and mayhem.

Now, unless and until the people behind the show produce an official revenge chair, fans who want to feel connected to Victoria are forced to improvise. They have three choices which we’ll look at, from the most tenuous connection to the most genuine.

First, they can choose a chair with a similar print pattern of upholstery. With a little imagination a true fan can easily squint any chair into Victoria’s as long as that distinctive upholstery is similar enough to pass muster.

Second and better, they can go with shape. Victoria’s revenge chair is like a modern day casual throne. Any chair with an extra high winged back can provide the same mixture of intimidation and intimacy. This may sometimes be the best option as something like a revenge leather chair creates the desired feel but may fit better into the decor of an existing room.

Third and best, those who want as genuine an experience as possible can have a custom chair with a similar shape and proper upholstery built. By doing this, they not only get as close to the genuine article as possible, but also get a perfect chair that envious friends can’t simply head to the nearest furniture outlet to buy.