Benefits of choosing Australian made furniture

October 8, 2013

For anyone in or near Australia, there are several very real benefits to choosing Australian made furniture.

Local Furniture Styles

Furniture design is like engineering. It is an area that grows up around a certain set of challenges. In the case of furniture, those challenges are climate and the use to which the furniture will be put. While a sofa made in and for Greenland may appear visually identical to one made in and for Australia, chances are good that the materials that comprise the sofas will be made to keep the Greenlanders warm while keeping Australians cool. Even within a country, understanding the climate allows a furniture builder to recommend the best fit for a given area. In addition to materials, the styles of different countries often clash. Picture a dinner party where guests are sitting in high backed English dinner chairs around a Japanese table made for those sitting on the floor. While this is an extreme example, it does demonstrate how uncomfortable mixing styles badly can make people. Choosing an Australian furniture supplier can bring pure Australian flavor to the home to avoid such conflicts.

Local Furniture Materials

Like furniture styles, furniture materials are chosen over time to suit the lifestyle and climate of people where those styles develop. In some cases, materials that last forever in one place will degrade quickly in another from causes as obvious as climate to as invisible as microorganisms that feast on the materials. To ensure that a piece of furniture lasts as long as it should last, it is best to pick local materials that have proven to be durable.

Australian Economy

This is a big deal for those who understand how the World’s economy is changing. Until humanity gets to the point that we are lassoing meteors out of space to harvest their materials, the global economy is a zero sum game. In other words, if one person gains wealth, another somewhere is losing wealth. For the last couple of centuries, most of the wealth of the world has been concentrated in a few regions – the US, Western Europe, Australia. As Asian and Middle Eastern powerhouses are coming into their own, those places with the most wealth and the highest standard of living are losing wealth. Choosing Australian made furniture is one way of slowing this process because every dollar that is sent to another country is a dollar that no longer circulates in Australia’s economy. Keeping the local economy strong means keeping as much wealth as possible circulating through it and since money is the blood of a region’s standard of living, the less of this “blood” that flows locally, the lower the standard of living will become.