Custom Furniture Legs

November 28, 2013

When people are looking for that perfect piece of furniture there is a mental checklist they compare items against while they shop. The material and color of any upholstery is sure to be at the top of such a mental list. Likewise, a certain type of wood is probably going to be sought to provide the appearance and strength needed for the application at hand. What too few people include on this list is one of the most important parts of furniture – the legs. The aesthetic of a piece of furniture’s legs makes such an impact that many manufacturers will try to hide them altogether to prevent the legs from clashing with the overall room decor. This is most often seen in couches and chairs, where the legs are always present, but very often completely hidden.

The first major impact that custom furniture legs can have on a piece is strength and weight. With wood, these two characteristics are directly related – as strength increases, weight generally increases as well. The advantage of using custom legs is that one can choose the wood that best suits the application for functionality and aesthetics. A formal sitting room where everyone moves sedately could be the perfect place for tables and chairs made with graceful lines and a lightweight wood. A den where the entire family plops down to relax would be better served with thick legs made of a heavier wood.

The second huge impact furniture legs can have is their design. For a home with an Asian theme, using elephant trunk legs can impart a subtle Eastern feel to an otherwise neutral piece of furniture. Those with a more classic European decorative scheme might opt for Flemish scroll legs to create a stately Old World feel. Those who actually prefer a neutral piece of furniture could go with something like a Marlborough leg that has clean, straight lines that are pure function.

The last major advantage of using custom furniture legs is uniqueness. Humans have a strong sense of identity. We want to fit in, but we also want to be different. This desire extends to the things we own. The perfect way to have furniture that is familiar and comfortable is by choosing furniture that suits the locale and the people who will use it. Adding custom legs will allow the owner to turn it from a generic piece of furniture to a statement piece.

We all have a mental checklist when we shop for furniture. Those who understand the importance of furniture legs will add these to the top of that list.