Widest Furniture Legs Choices by Peter Ross in Victoria

March 13, 2015

When it comes to decorating and renovating your home, you want the perfect accessory that matches your décor. Not only is design important but quality is essential. Weather it is for new furniture, restoration or repair; well matched quality furniture legs will make a world of difference in the whole ambiance of your home.

On the whole, customizing any room is rather easy. With a little ingenuity and a few ideas, you will be able to convert your home from commonplace to amazing. However, even with a large variety of tips and suggestions, you still need a nice sized selection of furniture legs in order to compare and choose the ideal product.

The good news is that Peter Ross in Victoria offers the widest selection of furniture legs around. And it really does not matter if you need furniture legs for a cabinet, an ottoman or footstool; Peter Ross supplies all your needs. In fact, they have over thirty three styles to choose from plus you can have furniture legs custom made. What is more, Peter Ross can customize essentially any handmade wood product to suit any needs. They believe in using only the finest quality products so that you are assured the highest quality.

Styles and Finesse

Peter Ross offers a wide range of furniture leg styles from classical to up-to-the-minute designs. In truth, their selection is so wide that both designers and do-it-yourself homeowners are able to find the exact furniture legs to fit their needs.

Weather you need sturdy support for a kitchen cabinet or matching legs to fit a beautiful antique found online, Peter Ross offers every type of furniture legs you can imagine. For elements; there is wood, metal, chrome and more. For design, you can find cone shaped, round, pyramid and block. And if you do not find what you need, then Peter Ross can custom create nearly any handmade wood product you desire.

Pyramid Legs: These types of furniture legs are square but tapered like a pyramid. They are perfect for raising the height or changing the style of a piece of furniture. You can choose whether you want the tapered end on the floor or near the body of the piece. They also add a nice touch of both classic and contemporary design depending on application. As well, Peter Ross supplies a wide variety of pyramid legs that come in many sizes to suit your designing needs.

Cone Shaped Legs: Cone shaped legs can increase the height of furniture such as sofas, chairs and beds. They come in various lengths and sizes such as 100h x 80 top x 60 bottom, 140h x 65 top x 35 bottom and 170h x 50 top x 30 bottom. As you can see, the tapers vary from slightly wide to long and slim.

Chrome, Alloy, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Legs: Today, one of the most leading fashions in décor is a modest design with a metal accent. Throw in a bit of color with a few pillows and you are right in league with the latest trend. You can add a touch of metal to your up-to-the-minute décor by adding chrome, alloy or aluminum furniture legs to a table, chair, sofa or chaise lounge.

At Peter Ross you will discover a wide selection of metal furniture legs that are quite trendy. There are numerous chrome, alloy, stainless steel and aluminum legs that can be added to most any type of furniture to fit your creative desires.