Why Scandinavian Furniture Legs are Ideal for Modern Furniture Designs

December 13, 2018

Furniture has always been about catching the attention and interest of people. Because of this, most furniture aesthetics today revolve around the furniture as a whole and only very rarely on its composite parts. In the past however, specific parts of a single piece of furniture were refined or otherwise expertly tooled, to bring out the best in furniture by accentuating only a specific part it. Among these favoured parts are furniture legs.

This trait of making furniture legs the focus of tooling and artistry may have largely been influenced by minimalistic sentiments brought about by religious ideologies, and examples of this can be found in French, Italian, Amish, and Scandinavian furniture. Scandinavian furniture legs in particular make for an excellent choice when you are looking for something that’s beautiful, eye-catching, and above all else, sturdy.

If you have some furniture that you want to refurbish or are looking for a customised piece that can benefit from a touch of understated class, then here are some reasons why Scandinavian furniture legs make for an excellent option:

• Durability – Scandinavian aesthetics tend to favour squat, squarish, or dowel-like shapes. These, combined with the time-tested placement of alternating arrays or sectional bolstering, make it possible for something as simple as a stool to become a thing of class and elegance, with added strength enough to hold more than just its weight in appeal.

• Versatility – unlike French or Italian furniture legs, which are always possessed of a very palpable elegance that wouldn’t be at home in a shed or a simple work area, Scandinavian furniture legs are artistic enough to hold their own, but simple enough to be applicable in any setting. It is versatile enough to be used for a wide assortment of furnishings, without looking too rusticated so as to seem out-of-place in a lounge settee or a formal dining affair.

• Low-maintenance – because they are made from hardwoods and are often turned from a single piece of wood with almost no additional joins, Scandinavian furniture legs are among the sturdiest and most low-maintenance of all types of furniture legs in the market today.

Additionally, Scandinavian furniture legs are specifically built to last and only a light coating of furniture polish or oil is all that one might ever need to maintain them. You can find a wide selection of furniture legs, as well as other bespoke furniture parts, for any all applications, At Peter Ross Enterprises.