Why is it Ideal for Beds to Have Bed Legs?

November 21, 2018

Beds are a necessity, everybody needs one. Not surprisingly, most people prioritise the comfort of the mattress and often pay little attention to aesthetics and the actual height of their bed. The bed frame and the height of your bed affects the look of your bedroom, as well as the comfort and function of your bed.

In fact, people don’t realise the importance of bed height, especially when getting out of bed every morning, it can make starting the day more comfortable.

Proper Sized Bed Legs can Make Life Easier on a Daily Basis

The size of bed legs can help determine how easy is it to get in and out of your bed. A bed that is too low puts extra strain on your legs getting out of bed, which is not good for elderly people or those with physical limitations. According to sleep experts, when the height of a bed is much higher than 63 cm (25 inches), for the average person’s size, it can make getting into and out of bed every day uncomfortable or difficult, especially for elderly, those with physical limitations, and for small children.

How to determine correct bed height depending on the size of a person? When sitting on the edge of the bed, your feet should be able to lay flat on the floor, and your knees should be as level with your hips as possible. Basically, when sitting on your bed, if your hips are lower than the height of your knees then your bed is too low, and if your hips are higher than your knees your bed is too high.

Beg legs can help to raise or lower a bed to make it more comfortable, and by doing this it can affect the overall look of your bedroom. For example, beds with longer legs make a room look more spacious, while shorter beg legs create a more grounded and laid back environment.

The type of legs, such as rounded bed legs, make cleaning around and under beds easier then square bed legs. The design of bed legs also can add to the aesthetics of a bedroom, especially if they match the furniture legs of night stands and chairs. By balancing mattress thickness and the length and style of bed legs, you can achieve the perfect height of your bed, making it more comfortable and appealing aesthetically.

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