Why Choose Custom Furniture

September 5, 2013

With seemingly infinite furniture manufacturers churning out furniture in every shape and material imaginable, people often wonder why they should opt for custom furniture. The simple answer is that custom furniture is exactly what you want and need. This is because of a couple of things:


Anything that takes shape on an assembly line can be bettered by a craftsman building it personally. Remember, assembly lines are about efficiency. They are not about creating the highest quality possible. Assembly line furniture relies on a lowest common denominator – the lowest quality people will buy. In other words, fast and cheap production is the goal and the limiting factor is how badly that fast production causes product quality to suffer. The reason this business paradigm has become successful is the consumer world has been successfully brainwashed into this “consumable lifestyle” where they do not appreciate quality. This brainwashing has caused the average consumer to be extremely short sighted when it comes to custom furniture. Just a couple of generations ago, if someone sold furniture that could not be passed down to family for generations to be come heirlooms, that furniture was considered garbage. Today, when people head to the big box stores to buy their furniture, they never even consider the idea that they will need to replace it in just a couple of years as it starts falling apart. Only the truly wise furniture buyers are willing to pay slightly more for custom furniture to eliminate the need to replace that furniture again and again.


Once again, mass produces furniture is not created for an individual. It is created for a market. This means that the furniture mass manufacturers will produce is what they think most people will want. As with quality, a lowest common denominator approach is taken. Seats are the width that manufacturers think will fit most people without being so big that their production costs rise. This concept applies to everything. Anyone who is more comfortable with slightly unusual size, color or materials in their furniture is left high and dry by mass producers. Like buying suits off the rack where anyone who happens to not be proportioned exactly like a display mannequin will be disappointed in the fit of the clothing, anyone who has furniture needs that don’t happen to fall within this lowest common denominator will be disappointed with their furniture.

Mass produced furniture is designed to provide the lowest cost furniture that the majority of people will still buy. Choosing custom furniture allows a shopper to get exactly what he or she wants with the highest quality possible.