What Are Furniture Coasters?

July 8, 2014

If you don’t know what furniture coasters are, then you will be happy to find that they are a nifty way to save your carpet from unsightly dents. Carpet dents can be an eye sore, especially if you plan on rearranging your furniture and the dents stand out prominently. To avoid the heavy dent marks and stains that furniture legs can leave on your carpet, it is advised to use furniture coasters.

What are Furniture Coasters and how can they Prevent Damage to Flooring?

Furniture coasters effectively prevent carpet dents from appearing on your rug by distributing the weight of your furniture. Like traditional drink coasters, furniture coasters are specially designed to be placed under all types of furniture. Although furniture coasters can prevent carpet dents effectively, they can also provide a buffer to prevent scratches from damaging other types of flooring as well. Tile flooring, vinyl floors and wood flooring can be protected from damage by using any assortment of furniture coasters.

Depending on where you live, furniture coasters are known by other names, such as floor glides and caster cups. Regardless of what name they go by in your area, furniture coasters are relatively easy to install, if you have some help. For most furniture simply tilting it back, so one or more of its legs are off the floor, will allow you to slide the furniture coasters under the legs of the furniture, one at a time. One person can accomplish this with small chairs and tables, however, larger tables and appliances will require at least two persons to place caster cups under each leg.

Different Types of Furniture Coasters

There are many different types of floor guides available, the most common looks like a little clear glass ashtray. There are wooden furniture coasters and hard plastic ones. The wood coasters are usually placed under furniture that stays in place for long periods of time, while plastic coasters are usually used when furniture is being moved. Caster cups are designed either too support heavy weight, as a means to make heavy furniture easier to move or to hold these in place so as to not slide.

Other than the material used to make caster cups, it’s important that they fit correctly. Round furniture coasters should be placed under round furniture legs, and square coasters should be placed under square furniture legs to help prevent them from slipping. Some floor glides have smooth bottoms, some have rubber bottoms and others have spikes. So, if want to buy furniture coasters to use in your own home, be sure to inquire about the right type of coaster to use on your flooring.