Vintage and Retro Style Furniture: The Old That’s New in the Modern Era

November 16, 2016

Much like fashion, where what is old becomes new again, vintage and retro style furniture of the past decades is back by popular demand, and, it is as stylish as ever. In the modern era, popular furniture styles of the 50s, 60s, and 70s are trending with interior designers, as these are finding their way into not only residential home designs, but corporate lobbies and offices as well, with great results.

Popular furniture ideas of this modern era are heavily influenced by the past, as all aspects of vintage and retro styles are flowing into the interior design industry, and are received with much anticipation.

Retro Designs Re-loaded into Modern Era Pieces

If you want some new ideas for your home or office, look to the past with confidence because furniture such as retro tables and chairs are back in style. Actually, the modern era’s minimalist styles truly harmonize with vintage and retro furniture designs, it is a match made in the past for today’s hungry interior design industry.

In fact, many past popular retro designs are being re-loaded into nearly the same exact furniture pieces, such as retro style chairs, couches, and tables. From the types of fabric, prints, and materials, down to the retro style furniture legs, the past is back. Re-editions of retro furniture are available, however, these can be difficult to find and are often not exactly the style people want, or are too costly to buy.

Good news for anyone who craves vintage and retro furniture style because these can be recreated by professional custom furniture makers, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Recreate or Transform Your Furniture into Vintage or Retro Designs

If you don’t have the budget to buy new vintage or retro furniture, all is not lost because you can contract custom retro furniture, or transform existing furniture with vintage or retro furniture legs, from Peter Ross Enterprises – a proud Australian owned custom furniture maker and supplier of all types of furniture legs, for any interior design style.

Old vintage and retro style furniture is the new source of design ideas in the Modern Era, and for those seeking their own piece of the past, vintage and retro style furniture legs of all types, can be found at Peter Ross Enterprises in Melbourne.

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