Understanding Trestle Tables, Their Common Uses and Benefits

November 22, 2021

Trestle tables are typically long rectangular tables with substantial support or leg (a trestle) at either end. These supports are often wide and quite sturdy, and they may have rather elaborate wooden moulded or carved designs. Near the floor, there is a long plank of wood that joins these two supports. Trestle tables are often used as vintage or retro-style dining tables. They may also be used in meeting rooms or offices.

A major advantage of trestle table designs is that when seated at one with other people, you will never have to straddle a leg. Since there are only end legs or supports, everyone is seated along the long sides of the table where there are no table legs or supports to take up needed legroom. These tables are also usually quite sturdy and made of durable hardwood.

More Common Uses and Benefits of Trestle Tables

Additional common uses and benefits of trestle tables include the following:

Common Trestle Table Uses

Aside from their use as dining tables and meeting room furniture in office suites, trestle tables are often found in art studios, crafts instruction rooms and interior design studios. These tables are easy to sit at or move around while working on a creative project. Miniature trestle tables are also popular in children’s nursery and preschool classrooms since there are no side legs to trip or stumble on.

Benefits of Trestle Tables

• Plenty of Legroom. Most trestle tables are designed with high tabletops. The extra room under the top provides plenty of legroom. This is especially advantageous for anyone who likes to cross their legs while seated.

If you like to sit on a high stool while working on a creative project, trestle tables allow enough leg and knee space to do so. Also, some of these tables have trestles (end supports) that are set in under the tabletop, enabling comfortable sitting at the ends of the table as well.

• Spacious Seating. When compared with other table designs, trestle tables almost always offer room to seat one more person along each side than the other designs. This is especially helpful in small or narrow rooms. While the trestle table will take up less floor space than many other table designs, you can seat more people around it.

• Table Stability. Trestle tables are very stable designs, and they seldom tip or rock due to their sturdy construction. This is because their weight is evenly supported by two sturdy trestles plus the joining plank between them.

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