Understanding the Pros and Cons of Maximising Metal Outdoor Furniture

November 3, 2021

Metal outdoor furniture for your deck, patio, terrace or garden is in popular demand today. Yet there are many advantages and disadvantages to selecting metal tables, chairs, stools and sofas for outdoor use. To decide whether to purchase metal, wood, plastic or rattan furniture for the outdoor use and enjoyment of your household, it is helpful to first examine the pros and cons of metal designs.

Understanding Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Outdoor Furniture

Major pros and cons of choosing metal furniture for your outdoor terrace, deck, patio, garden or other entertainment spaces include the following:


• Durability. Metal outdoor furniture is extremely strong, durable and long-lasting. If well maintained, your deck chairs or patio sofa and tables will retain their initial attractiveness for multiple years of use. In general, you can clean and refresh your metal furnishings by wiping them lightly with a clean wet cloth and mild detergent or an outdoor surfaces cleaner.

• Easy Long-Term Maintenance. Your metal outside furniture needs very little ongoing maintenance. Some homeowners find it helpful to cover their metal outdoor chairs, tables and benches with plastic sheeting during heavy rain or snowfall. Although most quality metal outdoor furniture is treated and finished with a weather-protection coating today, this outer layer can wear thin or crack over time. To prevent the development of unsightly rust, it is wise to have these metal items refinished periodically.

• Year-Round Use. With occasional cleaning and covering during harsh weather conditions, your metal outdoor furniture can be used throughout the year. Unless your patio or deck furnishings are made of heavy wrought iron, they are relatively lightweight and easy to move around. The majority of metal furniture for outdoor use today is manufactured of stainless steel or aluminium, and it can be moved with ease to accommodate your needs for family use, parties or casual gatherings.


• Uncomfortable in Hot or Cold Weather. Metal outdoor furniture can get overheated and be very uncomfortable for use during sweltering hot seasonal days. Metal assumes and retains the surrounding atmospheric temperatures. For this reason, you and your family members or guests may find these sturdy metal chairs, stools or benches unsuitable for use on days when temperatures are extreme. Although padded cushions along with arm and backrests can be helpful, your metal furniture may still seem too hot or cold for enjoyable use.

• Bulky Furniture Designs. Some metal outdoor furniture is large and bulky in design. Unless you have a large deck, a spacious terrace or an extensive entertainment area as part of your exterior home property, bulky metal furnishings can be cumbersome and look overly large for use in these outdoor venues.

By contacting our experts at Peter Ross Enterprises located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain top-quality advice concerning the pros and cons of selecting metal outdoor furniture for your deck, patio or garden terrace. Our experienced professionals will take the time to guide you in selecting the ideal outside furnishings to greatly enhance the use of your outdoor living spaces.