Tips to Remember When Choosing Table Legs for Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

December 5, 2017

Outdoor tables are amazingly useful, especially if you’re the sort of person that loves to entertain guests. There is just something about that old-world charm that patios have which is irresistible for many homeowners and their guests. Choosing the right kind of furniture for an outdoor setting is important, not just if you want to impress guests, but also if you want to save on money.

A lot of people nowadays select monoblock furniture for their outdoor patios, but these can appear tacky, and are typically not long-lasting. Unlike patio furniture that was made many years ago from intricately designed wrought iron, as well as well-seasoned hardwood. These have slowly been replaced by plastic and resin, but they aren’t exactly the best that can be had, aesthetics-wise.

Hardwood outdoor furniture is a good choice, especially with the right sort of furniture legs. Because outdoor patio furniture is exposed to the elements regularly, having waterproof table legs, for example, is of paramount importance.

Choosing attractive wooden table legs for your outdoor patio furniture is a good idea, although you shouldn’t overlook aluminium and steel table legs, as they can better handle direct exposure to the elements.

Here are some tips to remember when choosing outdoor table legs for your patio:

• Choose waterproof materials – irrespective of your chosen table-top, you should opt for waterproof legs for your table. Metal legs, stone ones, and even reconstituted wood that’s designed to resist water-damage are all ideal choices for outdoor tables.

• Avoid plastic – not only is plastic tacky and un-stylish, it’s also a bad choice for outdoor table legs because of its weak nature. Compared to iron, metal, and stone table legs, plastic will eventually weaken due to repeated exposure to heat, moisture and drying, which will cause it to eventually to break down. If you want to avoid accidents, avoid plastic table legs for your outdoor furniture.

• Match your furniture legs with the table-top – nothing is less aesthetically pleasing than an outdoor table with legs that don’t match. If you want to create a statement piece that is both functional and stylish, make sure that you pick legs that match the rest of the table, or at least, compliment it in some way.

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