Tips in Maintaining the Beauty of Your Custom Made Furniture

November 23, 2015

You finally have custom made furniture that shows off your style and personality. However, there are questions about how to care for your furniture. Frankly, maintaining custom-made furniture is easy. Here are a few tips to retain their beauty:


While experts have different thoughts on caring for wood furniture, it depends on the finish of the piece. Here are a few basic guidelines:

Dusting – Never postpone dusting. Frequent dusting removes particles that build up on the surface. Dust particles create filmy layers plus scratch the surface. Use a feather duster or lightly damp cloth to remove dust efficiently. The best cloths are soft and lint free terry towels and cotton T-shirts. Ideal dusters include classic feather dusters or ones made of lamb’s wool.

Cleaning – Never use all-purpose cleaners. Also, avoid using water. However, sticky spots can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Make sure the cloth is damp. After cleaning, dry the area thoroughly.

Oil Polishes – Furniture oils help protect wood. However, they don’t give wood a protective layer. Polishes with high percentages of oil can show fingerprints and smudges. Commercial polish usually contains silicone oil, offering some protection. Before applying polish, make sure to test an inconspicuous area.

Wax – Generally, wax is applied during manufacturing. It protects the finish and decreases surface scratches. Wax offers a hard finish, continuing protection and doesn’t smear. Use wax designed specifically for furniture. Wax is lightly applied to a soft cloth and rubbed onto the wood in a circular motion. Since wax is long-lasting, pieces only need a coat yearly.


Maintaining upholstery is simple. Additionally, it doesn’t take much time to keep your custom made furniture looking beautiful.

Promptly Clean up Spills – Always clean up spills in a timely manner. Never allow spills to soak into the upholstery. Gently blot (not scrub) the spill with a white cloth quickly. Next, upholstery cleaner should be used. The type of cleaner depends on the fabric type and what was spilled. Before using stain remover, test in a discreet area. If you’re unsure about what cleaner to use, contact a professional.

Vacuum – Upholstered furniture needs vacuumed once a week to remove surface soil and prevent dirt from embedding into fibers. Also, a soft bristled brush can be used; gently sweep away dirt.

Cushions – To evenly distribute wear and tear, occasionally turn the cushions over. Also, fluffing them up helps retain the cushions shape. If some seats get more use than others, switch them around intermittently.

Sunlight – Always avoid placing custom made furniture in the sunlight. Direct sunlight fades the fabric and weakens the fibers causing frays. This is particularly true with fabrics like silk.

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