Tips in Choosing the Correct Sofa Leg Style for Your Modern Home

February 28, 2018

Selecting the right style of sofa leg for your modern home can be a bit overwhelming with all the choices that are available today. You will discover different sizes, shapes and finishes during your search for them. While you may know how select the legs according to some of these specifications, you may not know how to be certain that your new legs complement your sofa in the best possible fashion. We provide you some points to consider on this topic in the following facts to help clear whatever confusion you may have in order for you to make a definitive decision.

Decide on the Width and Height Requirements

First decision you must make about your sofa legs is their width and height specifications, especially if you are replacing ones on your present sofa rather than customising a new one. Typically, sofas sit fairly low to the floor, so keep this in mind for the height. Width varies between sofas.

Select the Shape That Complements Your Sofa in a Suitable Fashion

The shape is another contributing factor to your decision about legs for your sofa. Maybe you want sleek and smooth or round and/or sculpted just for two examples. You may need to wait until the next section to know for sure on this point.

Consider the Style of Your Sofa

If your sofa is in the true modern style of today, the legs should be sleek and smooth with minimal detail if any at all. Traditional or ornate sofas typically need round and/or sculpted legs. Retro legs are almost triangular in shape but with a flat bottom. Since contemporary style is all about what is ‘in’ at present, the legs that will complement this style may vary from year to year. To have continuity of design in your sofa, the legs must always adhere to its overall style.

The Finish Also Is a Factor

Now that you have decided all of the above specifications, you also need to select the right finish for your sofa legs. Metallic finishes such as alloy, chrome and stainless steel are ideal for modern sofas, stained or painted wood are suitable for traditional and ornate legs, and retro legs are either stained wood or stained wood with metal enhancement around the bottom.

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