Things to Consider When Designing Your Own Customised Chair

September 7, 2015

Chairs come in many shapes and sizes. And one of the best ways to match your current décor is to design your own customised chair. Now it may sound like a simple task to undertake, but there are many factors to take into consideration.

First off, form and function need to be incorporated into the design of your chair. The design should be customised for its intended use. For example, if the chair is mostly for aesthetics, then it does not need to be extremely practical. This type of chair might be utilized in a long hallway to fill up empty space. But if the chair is going to be used often for reading or relaxing, then it needs to be functional and cozy. Once you decide the general purpose of the chair, incorporating the rest of the design will come naturally.

The design of your chair needs to include personalised form. It should take on your own individuality plus match effortlessly with your décor. In effect, your customised chair should be in exact accord of your wishes, both in form and function.

Incorporating Ideas

If you are not sure where to start in terms of designing your chair, here are a few concepts that may help:

  • First, start with imagining the design ideas for your chair. The more ideas you have, the more new ideas are sparked.
  • You can work with new ideas as well as old ones. Just keep building ideas until you find the perfect design.
  • When it comes to style, don’t be afraid to use you own style or pre-existing styles you admire.
  • If you come up blank and cannot think of any ideas, it is okay to work with designs that others have created.

Get it on Paper

At first, a design is developed in your thoughts. Preferably, these ideas should be transferred to preliminary sketches. And when new ideas form, your sketch is updated. This procedure goes back and forth until the sketch looks like the chair you desire.

If you are not a good at sketching or drawing, then get something, anything on paper. Write down all you can think of, that describes your ‘dream’ chair. Define the size of chair and the proportions. Describe the color, fabric, patterns, type of fill, size, back height, arms (no arms), and leg style and even if you want, matching feet rests.

Style and Focal Point

Also, the period or style and where it will be located in the home is important in design. You can use current or previous styles. Plus design elements need to be considered such as large or small components, tapered legs or baroque, etc.

Another important factor is the visual impact your chair will have. Will the piece be a main focal point? Will it contrast or compliment the surrounding furniture? These considerations can help you decide on color, fabric and style.

Most importantly, take your time and don’t hesitate asking for advice from experienced designers and custom furniture makers.

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