The Unique Appeal of Retro Furniture

September 26, 2016

As you search for the ideal furniture for your home, you should consider the unique appeal of retro furniture. Chairs, couches and other pieces of this style typically portray the styles of the 1930s through the 1960s. The colour trends included using red, black and white together to singular colours, such as turquoise as focal points. Furniture had simple lines, angled legs with brass toes and minimal padding as overstuffed pieces were not yet the style.

Recreate Your Favourite Decade

Collect enough retro pieces to recreate your favourite decade in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. If you cannot find original ones, there are plenty retro-inspired ones on the market today, or you can build your own when you are a skilled furniture maker or a DIY enthusiast. An example of a kitchen that you may create is one that resembles a 1950s diner with a black-and-white checkerboard design with red highlights. Vinyl cushions on the chairs or stools complete this look. In the living room, you might decide to pay homage to the 1960s with a simple three-cushion gold couch with angled legs with or without brass toes along with other appropriate pieces.

Mix Decades to Provide an Eclectic Retro Look

Instead of depicting a single decade in a room in your home, you can mix pieces of furniture from across many decades to create an eclectic retro look. Just imagine the range of colours, patterns and styles this idea will encompass. You will enjoy a truly unique, personalised style when you accomplish this task.

Add Retro Accessories

When trying to capture the flavour of a bygone decade, do not forget to decorate the walls with items that might include sunburst clocks or mirrors, nostalgic pictures of the day or wall art, such as the peace sign of the 1960s in bright colours. In addition, you can set vintage trays, metal tins or lunchboxes, and Corn King or Corn Queen Dishware on the side tables for decoration just for some examples.

Use Colours to Capture the Decade

Even if you cannot locate the right retro pieces to recreate one decade or another, you can use colours since you can still find paint in popular retro colours at present. Examples of these shades are below per decade:

1930s – pale gold, tans, almond, jade, walnut and sea foam green

1940s – pale yellow, pale pink, medium pink gold tones, white, off-white, soft greens, emerald, gray, light to medium blues and lavender

1950s – oranges, yellows, pinks, medium blues, beiges, tans, browns and more

1960s – bright tangerine, neon pink, acid orange, burgundy, rich browns, medium orange, grape, dark blue, celery, lime, cream, light tan and more

Regardless of the decade that you select for your retro furniture, turn to Peter Ross Enterprises for quality furniture legs. We carry of full line of retro brass-toed legs as well as other styles for legs for chairs, tables, couches and other furniture pieces. Our company strives to satisfy with each order.

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