The Unique Appeal of Handcrafted Wooden Furniture

August 21, 2015

There is no doubt that beautifully handcrafted wooden furniture adds superb aesthetics to your home. The benefits are plentiful, whether purchasing furniture for the first time or replacing your old furniture with eye-catching appeal.

Compared to store bought furniture, handcrafted wooden furniture is by far superior not only in uniqueness but in quality. In truth, most store bought furniture is mass produced and made with low quality materials. Besides, why would you want a piece of furniture that looks exactly like your neighbors?

Striking Aesthetic Charm

The inherent beauty of real wood furniture is unquestionable. And a piece of wood furniture that is handcrafted is even more stunning. Each piece has its own markings and characteristics plus you can stylize the piece to your liking. To top it off, handcrafted wooden furniture never goes out of style. In fact, the natural style adds value to your décor for many generations.

Durable and Resilient

Wood furniture is naturally strong and durable. It will certainly outlast other furniture made from other materials. And in comparison to manufactured wood furniture, handcrafted pieces are much better. Unlike manufactured furniture that is put together quickly, handmade pieces are meticulously crafted with the finest material. You can be rest assured that your handcrafted furniture will last for years.

Cost Effective

Although, initially the cost of handcrafted furniture is sometimes more expensive than store bought, in the long run you will get more for your dollar. Handcrafted furniture is built to last and will outlive manufacture pieces by many years. What is more, handcrafted furniture does not need to be replaced when styles change. And as you know, trends change in a heartbeat.

Easy Maintenance

Not only is wooden furniture resilient to wear and tear but it is easy to maintain. The durability of wood is less likely to scratch and dent, unlike other materials such as aluminum or state-of-the-art plastic.

Wood furniture is also easy to clean. Pieces only require dusting and a small application of furniture polish or wax about every six months. Dusting helps maintain the nice luster of the finish and oil helps preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

Increases in Beauty over Time

Wood naturally increases in beauty over time. As part of the aging process, wood furniture will generally develop a beautiful patina and go through a color change. For instance, walnut tends to lighten in color and cherry wood darkens. Alder, red oak and pine will usually turn a nice golden color.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Handcrafted furniture added to your décor is stunning. It is one of the best ways to renew a room that has become dull and drab. At Peter Ross Enterprises, we take pride in quality craftsmanship and creating a unique and beautiful custom made piece for your home. We use traditional methods perfected over the years and the highest quality materials. For custom made furniture to suit your needs contact: