The Space Saving Benefits of Daybeds

March 23, 2016

Beds have come a long way from the colonial days of old, when a meager cot or type of futon on the floor would suffice for ‘comfort’. Beds have largely evolved from simplistic cushions meant to prevent all manners of aches and pains come waking time, to portable bedding as a most basic means of protection against the hard, packed earth. Later, this idea developed into the epitome mobile bedding geared towards comfort, which has helped to redefine beds as a fixed piece of furniture.

While there are obvious advantages to the good old-fashioned queen-sized beds and four-posters, in a society where grand and spacious houses are no longer the norm, one needs a bed that provides the perfect combination of comfort and versatility, without taking up too much space.

A lot of people may consider the Japanese-style futons as a great way to combine the best of plush comfort and space-saving innovations, but not a lot of people are comfortable with sleeping on the floor, or are simply not used to the often time-consuming and finicky methods of storing futons. Another great way to benefit from both comfort and extra space, without sacrificing the aesthetics and feel of a legitimate bed, is to invest in something called a daybed.

Quite common during the mid-Victorian to late-Edwardian period, daybeds were the de-facto solution of many boardinghouses throughout much of Europe and the early days of the U. S. These however are not a predominantly Western innovation, since cultures like the Chinese, Korean, and Thai also have their own version of the daybed.

Believed to have originated from the Turkic-Persian ottoman couch, the daybed used to be a combination or variant of the chaise lounge, which also functioned as a couch and bed. While earlier models were overly simplistic and were meant to be used without cushions, later versions began to feature backing and sideboards, as well as extendable trundles that could be used to expand sleeping capacity.

Daybeds Save Space and Money

Today, custom made daybeds make for an excellent alternative to standard beds. Their compact size, capacity to be used for both outdoor and indoor settings, as well as their relatively affordable nature make them ideal for flats that lack space. A custom-made daybed by Peter Ross Enterprises can save you space and money, without sacrificing an inch of comfort.

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