The Classic Appeal of Bun Feet Cabinet Legs

April 11, 2016

When in search of compatible legs for cabinetry and other furniture pieces, it is easy to overlook the classic appeal of bun feet cabinet legs since there is such a wide assortment of legs available today. Bun feet support the pieces securely without any wobbling with their round, wide construction. On top of this, this type of leg is versatile enough to install on different styles of cabinets and furniture pieces. Let’s examine the numerous benefits of bun-feet legs for cabinets.

Contain No Sharp, Harsh Lines

Legs of the bun-feet style provide round, soft lines to the cabinets or furniture pieces in place of the sharp, harsh lines of other legs such as those of the pyramid style just for one example. Even the design on the bun-feet legs is subtle when they contain one. Certain styles of furniture and cabinets require subtle lines rather than harsh, bold ones, and bun-feet legs fulfil this need.

Bun-Feet Legs Are Stainable and Paintable

Unlike chrome and aluminum legs for furniture and cabinetry, the bun-feet legs are wooden in construction. This makes them stainable and paintable to enable users to match them to whatever colours or shades are necessary to blend well with the items that they support.

Classic Design That Transcends Time

Legs such as these are of a classic design that transcends time. Twenty years or more henceforth you will still see that these legs are prevalent in the home decor of the day. Most people own their home furnishings for a number of years, so they will appreciate the lasting power of the bun-feet legs.

Compatible With a Wide Assortment of Styles

On top of all the other reasons, you should consider bun feet cabinet legs for the fact that they are compatible with a wide variety of decor styles ranging from rustic to traditional, including highly formal furnishings. Stain the legs to blend with rustic and paint the legs to complement formal styles when necessary. Since eclectic is a mixture of styles, you even can depend on these legs when eclectic is your goal.

Browse through Our Leg Selection

Please take the time to browse through our full leg selection to learn if the classic appeal of bun feet cabinet legs are for you. If this style of leg will not work, we have plenty of other styles for you to consider here at Peter Ross Enterprises. We are proud to say that we design and construct all of our legs in Australia. Our company specialises in both commercial and domestic markets for high-quality furniture. Consult with us on your specific needs to learn additional information.

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