The Best Features of Jarrah Top Stainless Steel Frame Table

August 4, 2019

Jarrah wood (Eucalyptus marginata) is a versatile hardwood; its colour ranges from dark reds to lighter shades of brown, and tends to lighten in colour when exposed to sunlight. It doesn’t have a sappy odour to it as other types of woods and is not known to cause any allergies. What are some of the uses for Jarrah hardwood?

Jarrah wood can be used for many purposes, but it is commonly used for joinery and furniture making, as well as for flooring and panelling. However, when it comes to diversity and versatility, Jarrah wood is ideal for use in making all types of tables.

Because it is a hardwood that has a range of natural colours, a hardy Jarrah top stainless steel frame table design has many uses and can be deployed in various locations in and around homes. Whether you need an interior or exterior table to meet your aesthetic and functional needs of a room or outside area, a Jarrah wood top stainless steel frame table is the perfect choice.

What makes Jarrah top tables the perfect choice for any room in the house or any area outside of a home is the features it offers. Here are the best features of Jarrah top stainless steel frame table:

Pricing and availability –
Jarrah wood is widely available throughout southwest Australia, which means it is an affordably priced exotic wood that is perfect for use in making furniture.

Rot and insect resistant – Jarrah wood is well-known for its decay resistant nature, as well as its ability to repel insect attacks.

Aesthetic versatility – as a beautiful hardwood, quality Jarrah timber can be crafted to make all types and designs of tables, such as elegant dining room tables, coffee tables, and kitchen tables.

Superior strength – not only is a Jarrah top stainless steel frame table perfect for any room in a house, but is strong enough to be used as outdoor furniture, such as garden or patio tables.

Stainless steel frame table – a stainless steel frame table will not rust or corrode, and is easy to maintain, which makes it perfect for indoors or outdoors use. Also, compared to the weight of timber, a stainless steel table frame with a Jarrah top is much lighter and easier to move when needed.

After considering the best features of Jarrah top stainless steel frame table, anyone interested in adorning their home with an attractive, quality timber top stainless steel table can visit Peter Ross Enterprise – specialist in custom made furniture and furniture legs.