Sturdy Wood Chair Frames: Why Wood Quality Matters

October 16, 2018

Have you ever sat down on a chair that suddenly collapsed under you? If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll know how terrifying and unexpected it can be. People often think that if accidents like this occur, it is a sure sign that one ought to shed a few some pounds.

What people rarely consider is that most of the prefabricated chairs that are available in the run-of-the-mill home depot stores today are typically subpar, with respect to construction, or are otherwise made from cheap, low-quality wood.

If you are looking for chairs that you can count on (literally), investing in high-quality chairs with sturdy, top-grade wooden frames is a must. But a stable framework isn’t just to ensure that you don’t topple over or accidentally destroy the chair if you sit on it suddenly.

High quality wood for a chair’s framework also offers the following advantages:

• Resilience – high-quality wooden chair frames last longer than conventional or subpar wooden chair frames. This means that a top-quality wooden chair can be used in both an indoor or outdoor setting (provided that some maintenance and weatherproofing is done first), without running the risk of needing to replace it after only a few months.

• Pest-resistance – high quality wood has a better chance of being able to resist termite infestation, especially if it is primed and lacquered. However, even if left bare, top-quality wood is typically durable enough to be able to hold its own for a significant period of time without being damaged by wood-boring pests.

• Low-maintenance nature – a well-constructed wooden chair isn’t something you fuss over. It’s something you use, hanker for, and lounge in comfort on – basically everything that a good chair should be able to offer.

• Long-term savings – it is very inconvenient to have to replace old furniture when it becomes ruined; what is even worst is needing to invest in a completely new set of furniture because simply buying a replacement for the ruined one makes it the odd one out. Investing in high-quality wooden chairs does away with this unnecessary problem, which also saves you money in the long-run.

• Reusability – furniture can go out of fashion, or sometimes it no longer matches your home’s overall décor. However, if you invest in high-quality wood chairs, u can always have them remodeled, reupholstered, or converted into something else!

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