SS Jarrah High Table Stools: Qualities That Makes Them Tough for Outdoor Use

July 1, 2019

Picking the right furniture for outdoor use can be quite tricky, especially since they have to meet a specific criteria that allows them to be useful, practical, and functional outdoor furniture. For the longest time, wooden furniture wasn’t on the top of the list for the best outdoor furniture choice, specifically because wood has a penchant to degrade overtime with repeated exposure to the elements.

For a time, outdoor furniture was relegated to stone and wrought iron, due to the fact that they were hardy and resisted weathering well. If wood was ever employed for outdoor furniture, these tended to be sheltered or would have otherwise involved the use of large pieces of timber that took longer than usual to degrade.

Nowadays, the options for outdoor furniture are far more numerous. Everything from the traditional stone and wrought iron, to the more modern moulded plastics, steel, glass, and composite materials are now available. Nevertheless, there is a demand for more traditional, subdued examples of outdoor furniture. In this respect, furniture like SS Jarrah high table stools that are made of jarrah hardwood are an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

The Advantages of SS Jarrah High Table Stools for Outdoor Use

Jarrah wood is an exotic hardwood that is harvested in Australia. Known for its beautiful grain and dense nature, it has become quite a popular hardwood, slowly replacing the more expensive oak, mahogany, and teak. When it comes to its usefulness for outdoor furniture, jarrah wood provides the following advantages:

• Density – due to being a very dense hardwood, jarrah is not so easily destroyed by water-damage. In fact, if properly waxed or sealed with lacquer or oil, jarrah wood is able to resist weathering and will not warp, crack, or suffer from rot as easily as would most treated woods.

• Pest resistance – jarrah hardwood is surprisingly resistant to pests. This type of wood exudes natural aromatic oil which prevents wood boring pests and termites from proliferating in the material, making it ideal for outdoor furniture.

• Heft – jarrah wood is surprisingly heavy, due in part to its density. This makes it ideal for outdoor stools, coffee tables, and benches that will require a little bit of weight to stay in place.

If you are looking for attractive, hardy outdoor furniture, then consider furniture made from jarrah hardwood, such as SS Jarrah high table stools; they are the perfect choice for use outdoors or indoors.