Sofa Legs and Lounge Legs: Choosing Between Metal or Wood Materials

August 31, 2017

When renovating or building sofas or lounges, one decision that you will need to make is whether to choose metal or wood material for your sofa legs or lounge legs. While both materials have their unique characteristics, the style of your furniture often will dictate the one that you select. There even are legs that combine both materials into an attractive option.

Types of Metal Sofa and Lounge Legs

• Chrome is the shiniest of all the metal finishes that are available for sofa and lounge legs and is ideal even for humid areas of the country since it is the finish on many of the bathroom tapwares. Also, it is ultra-modern in design.

• Stainless Steel complements both contemporary and modern styles and provides a metal finish that is a bit less shiny than chrome is but it is just as durable.

• Aluminium is a lightweight metal option in legs that has its own unique appearance. Similar to stainless steel, it can be both contemporary and modern depending upon your needs.

• Alloy is a mixture of metals and is difficult to differentiate from aluminium at first glance. It is another valid choice to today’s modern or contemporary styles of sofas and lounges.

Wood Legs Come Unfinished or Finished

You can select unfinished wood legs in order to apply stain or paint on them on your own, or you can select the finished legs in black, brown or two-toned. Wood sofa legs and lounge legs complement the country, rustic, traditional and eclectic décor styles in an ideal fashion.

Retro Legs Combine Metal and Wood

Consider the retro legs to see if they fulfil your needs in the appropriate manner when a combination of metal and wood appeals to you. These legs celebrate furniture styles of a bygone era.

How to Decide on Whether Metal or Wood Sofa Legs and Lounge Legs Are Suitable for Your Needs

As you try to decide which materials to select for your lounge or sofa legs, you need to consider the style of your furniture. For modern or contemporary, examine the metal legs first since these are most likely to match your furniture style. On the other hand, if your furniture is solidly traditional, country or rustic, wood legs fit the bill much better. Both metal and wood legs will work with eclectic décor. Remember that retro legs relive the styles of the past.

For further details on how to select between metal and wood materials for your sofa legs and lounge legs, consult with Peter Ross Enterprises. We provide a wide array of furniture legs for various types of pieces.