Scandinavian Retro Furniture: A Trendy Design Option for Your Home

May 8, 2017

One of the paragons of retro furniture of the early 60s to mid-80s was the Scandinavians. While their style is now very dated, it nevertheless still possesses a unique and inimitable charm that most modern furniture simply lacks. Long before IKEA grew in popularity, and long before the idea of minimalism became a household philosophy, Scandinavian retro furniture strove to combine the best of simplistic and functional aesthetics, with a flair for timelessness that truly stands out in many authentic pieces.

Such as authentic pieces that one can still manage to scour in flea markets and garage sales, to newer reproductions of old designs, and even in new designed based on old aesthetics. The charm that is inherent in Scandinavian retro furniture seems to stem from its unconventional design. Employing beautifully grained wood as its trademark, with a stunning polish that would put any Victorian furniture to shame, it manages to make something intrinsically old-fashioned into something that almost borders on the futuristic, a look that was very popular back in the ‘day’, and, for these times, it has a decidedly modern appeal.

Scandinavian retro furniture, with its penchant for sleek and simplistic designs, elegant and clean curves, as well as the bare minimum of ornamentation or fancy additions, it manages to be a perfect blend of futuristic flair and timeless elegance, a perfect trendy design Option for any home. So, for anyone that is looking to improve the overall aesthetics of their home, but does not want to adopt a completely ‘modern’ turnover, then choosing Scandinavian retro furniture is advised.

In fact, when compare to current furniture trends, the retro look offer several advantages – not only are retro styles timelessly elegant and memorable, they are likewise far more durable and long-lasting than conventional options out in the market today.

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