Restyle Your Furniture for the New Year with Brand New Furniture Legs

January 14, 2021

Furniture pieces tend to enhance the overall setup and appearance of rooms and spaces as they bring in numerous functions to the said areas. Chairs and sofas allow people to just sit and hang out whenever they want, while tables serve as a place to eat, work, and other activities. But no matter what their functions are, their legs often sustain the most damages that they can get from their long use. 

Basically, furniture legs are often exposed to wear and tear since they technically carry the weight of the entire furniture pieces. Given this fact, a lot of furniture makers enable clients to replace these legs whenever they want. And with numerous types of furniture legs out there, it would be impossible for owners of furniture pieces to feel left out.

To start your year right, here are some types of furniture legs that you may want to consider and obtain.

Coffee Table Legs

Coffee tables are low tables that are normally located in sitting areas. They can easily support beverages, books, magazines, remote controls, and other display objects. Replacing their legs regularly is recommended since they effectively support different items throughout the year. Coffee table legs can be made from wood and metal. They can also possess different dimensions according to one’s liking.

Pyramid Legs

Pyramid legs often have a square tapered form factor that can be used for upholstery furniture such as sofa, chair, bench, and others. Many of them are made from high-quality wood and other related products. They are great for replacement due to their classy appearance and durability.

Brass Custom Legs

One type of metal that can bring benefits to furniture legs is brass. Brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc, boasts properties that can be great for furniture pieces. This material is recognised for its durability as it can effectively resist corrosion. It can also prevent harmful microbes from staying and growing. Brass likewise has attractive surface and appearance, with a natural colour that is somehow similar to gold.

Genie Bottle Legs

Genie bottle legs are exquisite furniture legs that are usually made from solid wood such as maple, oak, and others. Their appearance resembles a genie bottle, with curves and edges that can truly enhance the look and style of furniture pieces. They can also be customised if ever you want to acquire antique looks.

Custom-Made Legs

If you have a specific design on mind that has not been mentioned above, then custom-made legs might be the best option for your furniture pieces. The combination of wood and metal, as well as the integration of unique shapes and styles, can all be achieved through custom-made legs. You can likewise have the furniture legs coated with materials that can make them more resistant to surrounding elements.

If you want to obtain these furniture legs, then simply contact us at Peter Ross Enterprises. We specialise in creating custom furniture legs, sofas, lounges, and custom furniture for every occasion. We also provide high-quality furniture pieces to both domestic and commercial markets.