Replacing Bed Wheels with Bed Legs: What are the Benefits?

July 20, 2016

There are many benefits of having bed wheels, especially in busy homes with children as beds can be moved with ease from one place to another by only one person. Hospitals exclusively use these beds with wheels because these also serve as a way to effortlessly and comfortably move patient around where needed. In fact, there are many bed designs that use bed wheels for this purpose – to move beds as needed with minimal effort.

Although, there are many other benefits to having bed wheels, some do not have wheel locks to prevent them from moving around, which can make it awkward when a bed is bumped or moved while someone is sleeping, or who does not want to be moved abruptly while laying down. Because of this, many people choose sturdy bed legs instead of wheeled ones.

Choosing to Replace Bed Wheels with Bed Legs

While there are many benefits from having bed wheels, these are not ideal for everyone, or for every family’s needs. Yes, locked bed wheels are very helpful for the elderly, large families with children, or for people who live alone and need to move the bed by themselves to either vacuum or rearrange the furniture when desired. However, for people who wish to change their bed wheels into a hardy, attractive bed leg design, there is a very wide selections to choose from.

Custom made wood legs for beds are an ideal way to turn a basic bed into a fashionable piece of bedroom furniture. Or, choosing a contemporary appeal, there are stylish aluminium and stainless steel bed legs that will add character to any interior theme. Actually, if you want to decorate a bedroom, one of the best ways to do it is by dressing the bed with stylish legs, you can do that here at Peter Ross Enterprises.

If you are looking for a wide range of furniture legs for beds, tables, chairs, desks, couches, or any other types of furnishings available, then you will find what you seek at Peter Ross Enterprises. And, if we don’t carry it, don’t worry, we can custom make any style of furniture leg you find appealing.

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