Removing scratches on your custom wood furniture

May 30, 2014

When it comes to our wooden furniture there are going to be nicks and scratches, after all, life happens. You have options, and it doesn’t mean the death of your beloved pieces. Let’s look at a few less conventional things you can do to remove those scratches from your custom wood furniture and get it looking beautiful again.

Before you reach for the sader or the stripper go instead for tea. Yes, you heard me, tea. All you need is a teabag (black tea), a mug and hot water. Let your non-herbal black teabag seep for about 3 minutes, and remember it will get darker as it seeps. What you are doing now is allowing it to seep long enough to get the same color as the wood. Once the colors are matches dab the tea onto the scratches with a q-tip or a cotton ball. Darker wood may require more than one application. Instant coffee is another product that people have sworn by.

Iodine is another option for darker wood furnishings. That is, if you cannot rub out the surface scratch. Just some good old fashioned elbow grease goes a long ways. When you couple that with a pumice and mineral oil paste it is amazing what you can accomplish. You can get the powder from any hardware store. A steel wool rib with an extra fine grade is optimal for getting the paste to where it needs to be- into the scratches. Just use that elbow grease to get it off with a dry buffering towel.

If you cannot remove the scratches then maybe you can cover them. A wax crayon will work wonders here. You will want to match your wood as approximately as possible, and simply color in the scratched areas. Oil based paints for crafters will also do the trick, but you will need a steady hand, and please remember this is not an idea that will work for pieces that are finished with polyurethane.

Surprisingly filling a scratch with walnut meat is also said to reduce or remove the scratch. You will follow up by buffering with a soft cloth and voila, no scratch. You can also polish up your wood furniture. You would be shocked at what a good polish will do, and how many scratches that alone will remove. So, when life happens on your wooden fur nature you know it is not the end of the world, because one way or the other, you will have it covered.