Remodeling? Consider adding a customised bar

January 30, 2015

If you are having a hard time finding ideas for remodeling then you might consider adding a custom bar. There are numerous features that come with customised bars that will open up a whole new world of decorating ideas.

Your custom bar design can integrate features such as a wet sink, beer tapper, a wine cooler or wine rack, low voltage accent lighting, baroque corbels, decorative pillars, fluted columns, corner details, crown molding and so much more. This is only the beginning, for the possibilities are endless.

Bars Have Different Personalities

A bar can be a special place where you sit down and relax after a hard, long day. A quiet bar conjures up big lounge chairs or high back stools with soft cushions. This type of bar usually has soft lights, a sleek but elegant feel and a good sound system for playing tranquil music to set the mood.

Bars can also be a place for entertainment. The décor customarily has various accessories that make a statement. In the ‘noisy’ bar you might find tavern signs reminiscent of an Irish pub, a big screen for sports gatherings or movies, a pool table and darts board to amuse your friends and a state-of-the-art stereo system that plays everyone’s favorite music.

A bar can also be utilized as a health hideaway. You could have a juice, tea or coffee bar where you and your friends get together for afternoon tea or evening socials. This type of bar is the ultimate mood setter for revitalizing, energizing and having long in-depth conversations. Accents include authentic décor with customised furnishings, splashes of soft color and inspirational reads.

As well, bars come in two major categories – wet or dry. That does not mean with or without alcohol but it refers to water hookups. A dry bar does not have any water hookups. A wet bar includes a faucet and drain and sometimes more than one sink.

A Variety of Designs

The variety of bars designs is vast. However, there are four basic designs: Straight type bar, Back bar, L type wet bar and Corner bar. The Straight type bar is designed to accommodate guests on one side and a host on the other. It is usually placed away from the wall and features a flat serving area plus storage cabinets and shelves. A Back bar can be used as a standalone or coupled with a Straight type bar for an authentic pub atmosphere. Features include a prep area, shelves for displaying liquor bottles, utility drawers and a wine rack. An L type wet bar typically sets in a corner and is perfect for utilizing space. The short L side is generally used for a built in sink. It is a simple yet sophisticated design for your home. The Corner bar is another design perfect for homes that have limited space. It is a charming smaller bar that has small cabinets for storing drinks.


When it comes to remodeling your home and adding a bar there are only two options, do-it-yourself or have it custom made. In honesty, a custom made bar will give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to designing. In addition, custom-made furnishings are more decorative, stylish and add value to you home. There are millions of options and ideas that can be customised to your liking such as specific sizes, types of wood, explicit designs for individual styles, and quality aesthetics like custom made legs, elaborate corbels, enhancing pillars, fluted columns, corner accents and crown molding.

A customised bar will also add appeal and panache. It is the ideal key to appreciating you home and creating a personal space to enjoy.