Reasons to Opt for Custom Stair Treads for Your Family’s Safety

October 9, 2015

Today there are numerous types of stair treads that can be used on a stairway. However, stairs also come in many shapes and sizes. So finding the right stair treads to fit your needs can nearly be impossible. The only solution to matching up your stair treads to your stairway is to have them custom made. And most importantly, custom stair treads offer ultimate safety for your home as well as your business when they are the perfect fit.

The Right Size

Custom made stair treads are made to fit. They are the shape, length and width you require for your stairway. And when stair treads are the ideal fit; your family, friends and employees are less apt to fall or trip. On the other hand, ill-fitted stair treads can be a safety hazard. They are the wrong size, do not cover the trafficked area entirely and increases the likelihood of tripping due to being undersized or to big.

Last Longer

Custom made stair treads last longer than commercial types. Not only are they structurally built to last but a perfect fit offers a longer lifespan and withstands more wear and tear. Store bought stair treads have a tendency to fall apart easily due to their quick manufacturing process and the use of cheap materials. Plus cheaper materials become a safety hazard when torn or tattered.

A Better Investment

Although the initial cost of custom made stair treads is typically more expensive than commercial ones, the overall savings are far more economical. Since custom stair treads are constructed with high quality material and are more durable, they last far longer than factory made.

In addition, custom made stair treads are less likely to cause accidents and therefore will save you thousands on medical expenses. Conversely, the potential for an accident with commercial stair treads is far greater than custom made types.

Carpet versus Wood Stair Treads

Compared to other types of stair treads, carpet stair treads are one of the cheapest. However, carpet treads can be very dangerous. Oftentimes the carpet has a tendency to come loose or frayed. And when it comes to safety, loose or frayed carpet on a stairway is disconcerting.

Alternatively, wood stair treads are a much safer option than carpet. They offer a lot more secure footing, have applicable non-slip grips for the feet, stay securely on the steps and do not fray like carpet does. Solid wood treads can also be refinished or sanded down if they become scratched or dented. This further prevents possible safety issues.

Landing Treads

Custom landing treads are also very important for safety. They allow a secure transition between the stair treads and upper flooring. They can also be utilized on balconies and landings for better protection between the flooring materials and balustrade. And like stair treads, they can be custom made to fit perfectly.

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