Reasons that Make Jarrah as the Perfect Material for Outdoor Furniture

April 8, 2020

The presence of furniture in your outdoor area can provide numerous benefits. They can give you a lovely dining space for you and your family whenever there are special occasions. Even your friends or neighbours can enjoy staying in your outdoor space through your outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture can also give you a space for relaxation and recreation.

One of the best materials that you can get for your outdoor furniture is Jarrah. It is a unique Australian hardwood that is known for its versatility, durability, and strength, making it recommended for structural and design applications. Its timbers have colours that range from deep red to blonde. With these properties, the use of Jarrah for your outdoor furniture can guarantee you numerous benefits.

Terrific Natural Appearance

The physical appearance of Jarrah outdoor furniture can readily equip your outdoor living space with some charm and warmth. As mentioned, the timber of Jarrah has a wide range of colours that can look elegant. It also has an attractive grain pattern that can match the usual and natural shades found here in Australia. So, if you want to make your outdoor space feel closer to nature, then you must pick Jarrah as the material for your furniture.

High Strength and Durability

Jarrah is one of the most used materials for construction due to its durability. It is often used for marine wharves, bridge construction, and railways sleepers. The durability of Jarrah stems from the fact that it can resist moisture, termites, marine borers, and decay. And since outdoor weather conditions are unpredictable, the use of Jarrah for furniture is also advised since it can readily withstand any damaging elements from nature. Occasional polishing, waxing, and oiling can already keep Jarrah furniture back in their pristine condition.

Great Texture and Colours

The hardwood of Jarrah comes in a wide range of grains, colours, and tones. With these features, it is safe to say that making furniture out of Jarrah can look astonishing. The colours of Jarrah’s heartwood timber range from a subtle brown to a rich red tone. The sapwood timber, on the other hand, ranges from a deep dark orange to a pale-yellow colour. These colours can effectively blend in with your existing outdoor space and environment. Aside from colours, Jarrah also has some interlocking grain patterns that can be stylish for outdoor furniture applications.

Using Jarrah for your furniture can guarantee you a great-looking enhancement for your outdoor space. You can also expect your outdoor furniture to last for a long time due to Jarrah’s ability to resist moisture and other harmful elements. If you want to obtain your own Jarrah outdoor furniture, then turn to us now at Peter Ross Enterprises.