Pairing Furniture with the Right Legs Matters

March 22, 2020

In designing a home space, a lot of elements must be considered to make it lively and match the intended preference of the owner. Some elements that are taken into consideration include the materials used around the room, the arrangement and layout of furniture, fixtures, and appliances, the colours and architectural theme of the wall and ceiling, and many more.

Even without the help of professional designers, you must have adequate knowledge of mixing and matching the aforementioned elements altogether. For instance, you should purchase the right furniture for your rooms so that your entire space will be maximised and utilised. However, one aspect of furniture that you must always consider is their legs.

Most of us would just take the bases or legs of our furniture for granted. We just purchase them mainly because of their design, woodcraft, and intended functionality. When you consider the legs of your furniture around your home, you are guaranteed to have a successful furniture plan and layout across your space. Here are some elements of furniture legs that you must be familiar with.


One element that can surely bring up cohesiveness across all furniture is their material. Whenever you select and buy furniture for a room, make sure that they have the same, if not, closely related materials. So, if some of your existing furniture contain chrome, black oak, and antique rubbed brass accents, then you must buy similar finishes for the legs of your furniture pieces. Doing this will tie all elements in your space together, giving you a beautiful cohesive look that will make your family members and visitors stared at them with awe.


To create balance, you must choose furniture that can go along with other existing furniture. Meaning, your sofas, chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture must have leg height variations to keep your eyes moving across the room. Contrary to materials, having the same height across your furniture pieces can be distracting. In fact, others might even feel claustrophobic if you intend to align all furniture with the same height on one side of the room. Some furniture must have a base that goes all the way to the floor, while others must be raised at least 6 inches off the ground.


Aside from the materials and the height, you must also look and pay attention to the shape of your furniture legs. Some furniture legs are turned, while others are just shaped in a straight line. Moreover, other furniture pieces have either tapered legs or cabriole legs. Just like leg height, mixing furniture pieces with different types of leg shape can help you create a space that is more collected and more diverse. After all, you don’t want your space to look like a store that is selling the same type of furniture pieces. Try to diversify your furniture pieces, especially their legs, so that you can acquire an attractive and elegant space.

When you consider the material, height, and shape of your furniture legs, you can easily determine the right furniture pieces that you can align on your entire space. If you still have some questions about furniture legs, you can always ask us at Peter Ross Enterprises.