Pairing Furniture Styles: Why Legs Matter

August 27, 2018

A lot is involved when interior designing a space to make it not only look right, but to make it “feel” right too. In fact, there are potentially hundreds of decisions that need to be considered, especially when pairing furniture styles.

The shear variety of options that are available when attempting to pair furniture styles together is nothing less than overwhelming to most people. However, there are a few things to consider first that can make the decision making process a bit less confusing and easier.

One of the ways to make pairing furniture styles together possible is by considering the height, shape, and material used in their construction, as well as the types of furniture legs employed. Actually, furniture legs matter a great deal in paring furniture styles together, as you will soon discover below.

Legs Matter when Pairing Furniture Styles 

For anyone attempting to pair furniture styles together, of all the things that need to be considered when doing so, height of the furniture leg or base, the shape of the furniture leg or base, and the material that the furniture legs or base in made from all matter.

Here are the aspects to consider when pairing furniture styles and how furniture legs and bases matter in the process:

The height – if you want to balance your space by pairing furniture styles, then you must consider the various heights of any sofas, chairs, and tables that you plan to use, and their legs or bases. Making sure that all furniture in your space is of the same height, even if the legs are not of the same length, is a simple way to pair furniture styles together.

The shape – while the shape of furniture does matter when pairing different styles together, it is actually the shape of the legs and bases that matters more. Are the legs of the furniture the same shape and style (straight, tapered, or turned)? If they are, trying to switch out a few pieces could make a huge difference.

Material – while the shape of furniture legs make a difference, the material these are made of matters too. Even though you may have different sized legs, but your furniture is of the same height, the legs need to be cohesive, such as new wood designer furniture legs.

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