Looking for Furniture Legs? Peter Ross Enterprises Can Provide Everything for You

October 27, 2015

Whether replacing old furniture legs or adding personalized feet to a new design, Peter Ross Enterprises can provide everything for you. We have one of the most extensive furniture leg selections on the market. And to top it off, if you cannot find what you need then you can have them customized.

At Peter Ross Enterprises you will discover a wide array of options for furniture feet. Whether you desire the modern simplicity of metal feet, the flair of chrome, inexpensive stylish aluminum or refined wooden legs; Peter Ross Enterprises has just what you need.

Metal Feet

Metal feet are the perfect choice to compete a contemporary style to your décor. We offer up-to-the-minute panache, giving a sleek and simple element to any room. At Peter Ross Enterprises there are large selections of metal feet from small or large to round or square. Plus you can find different types of metals such as chrome, aluminum and stainless steel.

Metal feet are ideal for modern furniture including sofas, cabinets, contemporary ottomans, coffee tables and numerous chairs.

Round Bun Feet

Furniture feet come in many creative shapes and forms. One of the most popular styles is round feet also known as bun feet. This prevalent variety can be used for chests, chairs and trunks. Clearly bun feet can be utilized at full height for chairs or trunks. In addition, bun feet can be trimmed for kitchen appliances.

Square Feet

Formerly, square feet only came tapered and were used for many types of furniture. Although the look is clean and authentic, there are many other options. Granting, tapered feet have clean lines and are hallmark of mid-century elegance. But you can now incorporate the many shapes of square feet for a sleek and modern appearance. Regardless if you desire Victorian grace or present-day flair, square furniture feet are an excellent option.

The line of square furniture feet at Peter Ross Enterprises offers a multitude of options in different shapes, heights and materials like metal or wood.

A Variety of Furniture Feet

Furniture legs come in numerous styles to complement the décor of your home. And in the designing world, they are used to create a touch of height and simplicity for optimum style. Legs for furniture enhance the look of any piece and can add warmth to a room. What is more, stylized feet add panache to your décor plus increase the value of your home.

Finding the ideal style of furniture feet for your next design cannot be easier! Choose from a wide selection of furniture legs at Peter Ross Enterprises. From square to round feet to chrome or wood, Peter Ross Enterprises can provide the perfect solution for your designing needs.

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