Is your furniture leg-less? Find legs to fit any furniture!

December 5, 2014

Is your furniture in need of new elegant legs?

Do you have a masterpiece that is leg-less?

Have your table legs or chair legs sophistically crafted by professionals.

Do you own an old farm style dining room table or a more modern day coffee table with broken or even missing legs? Is your stylish furniture broken and you would prefer to have the legs replaced, rather than having to throw away the complete set? Furniture legs can be crafted to match your furniture. The uniqueness of your furniture will not go un-noticed. It will look stunning once again. Fall in love with your furniture all over again.

The legs of your furniture do play a role in its appearance. It makes a difference in how it is perceived by guests to your home. Professional furniture craftsmen know what material is right to use as well as the different grains and height required. Using a company that specializes in custom furniture in addition to furniture legs will save you many heart aches when it comes to your furniture. They can assist you with legs that are a breeze to install, of designer quality.

Is your table been stained or painted, specialists can provide you with legs that will fit and suit the appearance. Whether it is your dining room table, your sofa, cabinets or wardrobe, they can make legs for any furniture.

The wood your furniture is made from may prevent you from buying legs at a store as the colour, height and grain does not always match. This will let your furniture legs stand out like a sore thumb. Whether your furniture is made from red oak, cherry, maple, pine or any other wood, finding the perfect legs is not impossible. What wood type is your furniture made from?

Legs do give your furniture a sophisticated look but only if they fit the style of your furniture. Does your kitchen require island legs? Does your bar height need to be adjusted? Go for legs that are traditional, twisted legs or contemporary, your options are limitless.

If you have furniture you bought without legs and would like to now add legs, there are a couple of things to consider. Today some furniture that is leg-less have a thick cardboard base frame, in this case legs will not work. If your furniture is covered find a corner and loosen the material so you can see the base. If your furniture base is not made from wood, the legs will most likely not work. The area has to be wood and broad enough for fitting a screw or t-nut.

Fix that old wooden desk standing in the corner and get your home office organized. Have furniture legs made that will last a life time. Custom made furniture legs are the only option and not nearly as costly as you would think. Visit Peter Ross Enterprises and see how they can aid you. For furniture legs that are sturdy, and will surely work with your furniture’s appearance, contact the professionals today.